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Empire Admin -> Chloe (8/3/2010 8:45:16 PM)

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filmsunlimited -> Chloe - the soft porn experience...... (8/3/2010 8:45:17 PM)


An intriguing premise doesnt take long to develop into soft-porn lesbianism (your reviewer was not quite right - this IS practically a B movie in places!) although the fac t that this temptress then gets involved with the son! creates a weird love triangle you didnt perhaps coming.
Absolutely ripe for spin-offs on the Adult Channel or the top shelf of your local DVD store. A surprise some of this stuff passes as a 15 at times.
Best enjoyed on DVD with a well known brand beginning with K and ending in X?

mediarats -> RE: Chloe - the soft porn experience...... (8/3/2010 8:56:36 PM)

The original Nathalie had Fanny Ardant and Emmanuelle Béart.

However good this might be, it hasn't got Fanny Ardant and Emmanuelle Béart. I'll be giving it a miss.

Soprano168 -> Chloe (13/5/2010 8:34:12 PM)

There is strong talent in this and i think Amanda Seyfried is on the road to be a bieng a good actress. Its all rather wasted here because its trashy and ultimately soft porn.

Bighousewill -> soft porn (25/7/2010 3:12:24 PM)

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Just when the film starts to get good into thriller territory it ends. Also I don't find it believable that Amanda Seyfried can play Chloe a high class prostitute because she looks so young gorgeous though she is. And also I don't think this film is age appropriate if a 15 year old were to watch this they would be subjected to graphic description of sex acts which is really just more of an adult theme which is why I think this film should be an 18.

djphilips -> (2/8/2010 7:37:18 PM)

A film with its heart in the right place but its hand in the wrong one, Chloe is a classic case of brilliant premise gone wrong. The fact that Moore suspects her husband Neeson of being unfaithful and employs Seyfried to find out if he is makes sure that the film starts out superbly - the three lead actors have their plates deliciously full and themes and characters are comfortably in place. So what goes wrong? Wilson's script simply fails on the credibility level. It's highly doubtful that what takes place in Chloe would transpire in real life, and if it would, then writer and director don't team up well enough to convince the viewer of this fact. As a result, Seyfried's performance (while admireable in its own right) feels strangely out of place, and since the film in question is no fantasy or science fiction epic, Chloe doesn't really provoke the audience as much as it would like to.

joanna likes films -> Ain't That Good. (21/9/2010 9:33:41 AM)

Chole ain't a good movie. Why? Because it's very predictable of what's going to happen and could see the twist from a mile of. Sure the three top stars give good pefomances but basically, this film is just porn and shocking of how it got away with a 15. Not recommened.

reminn -> (3/11/2010 12:01:26 PM)


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