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Empire Admin -> Solomon Kane (16/2/2010 2:43:20 PM)

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Timon -> (16/2/2010 2:43:20 PM)

So how did James Purefoy feel about the 3 star rating seeing as he was just in the office?

kenada_woo -> RE: (16/2/2010 9:19:43 PM)



So how did James Purefoy feel about the 3 star rating seeing as he was just in the office?

They did say it was a 21st Century Highlander......

5star review in my book[:)]

genejoke -> RE: RE: (18/2/2010 12:12:16 AM)

I loved it, I would say the 3 star review is pretty fair as it won't be everyones cup of tea.

Well worth watching though and surprisingly solid effects overall.

I read a review that referred to Purefoy speaking like a west country batman, and he really does.  It fits perfectly too.

the anomaly -> RE: RE: (18/2/2010 12:02:00 PM)

Caught this yesterday. I thought it was pretty standard fantasy fare. Which could have been a lot better. I was not expecting anything ground breaking but it was a let down. 2/5 Off the top of my head ... 

Timon -> RE: RE: (19/2/2010 8:38:12 AM)

I really enjoyed it. Nice to see an old fashioned fantasy adventure with blood and beheadings thrown in for good measure.

Even better to have the hero from the West Country. Great fun all the way through but some parts felt a bit shoe-horned in (the priest and his 'flock'), but then I suppose it showed the wider effects of the Sorcerer.

Nice to see a bunch of famous faces crop up and can't wait to see Purefoy, Crook and Flemyng back for Ironclad!


hollcoll -> (19/2/2010 3:35:09 PM)

Extremely compelling movie for someone who is not a fan of the horror genre. This film has a wider appeal than the obvious demographic (15-30 year old males) Given that as a woman, I perceived its only drawback to be the lack of creditable female characters, the story had me gripped and the effects, acting, cinematographer and music had me enthralled. I only shut my eyes twice to avoid the sight of Solomon kane suffering brutality. (Ouch-it was too realistic).
A very dirty film in the best possible way! Gloomy, foreboding, ominous atmospheric, well acted and above all a British film.

homersimpson_esq -> RE: (20/2/2010 11:18:13 AM)

1/5. Awful on pretty much every level.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: RE: (20/2/2010 11:26:22 AM)

I really dug it for what it was - a throwback to the fantasy movies of the 80s. It wasn't big, and it wasn't clever, but it was fun and in no other movie will you get the lines

Kane: Where is this cursed land?

Preist: Between the shires of Dorest and Somerest!

Demons, zombies, cannibals - there is a lot to like. Sometimes the smallish budget shows up (the final battle scenes), and maybe one or two plot twists that weren't really needed, but it was a good time at the cinema.

Kane needed a theme tune though.

homersimpson_esq -> RE: RE: (20/2/2010 11:32:11 AM)

What about the criminally dull first half? I can see what it wad trying to be; I just think it failed utterly. I didn't even find it entertaining in a retro or so-bad-it's-good way. I was just bored - which for an action film, is fatal.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: RE: (20/2/2010 11:39:47 AM)

The first half did have the attack on the island in Africa. But yeah, it was a slow build. Budget reasons I suspect more than anything. Still the family he meets all did pretty well, and it was nicely shot. Loved how they obviously used the same town set mulitiple times.

It wasn't a "so bad its good" for me. I did enjoy it- it is a throwback, but without Arnie and Co.

homersimpson_esq -> RE: RE: (20/2/2010 11:42:30 AM)

Oh, and Purefoy was awful. I dunno what the accent was, cos it was only occasionally vaguely West Country.

I fancy watching Krull or Willow now tho.

haygaz -> Soloman Kane (21/2/2010 9:16:42 AM)

Highly enjoyable fantasy nonesense. It looked good some decent action and James Purefoy cut a good hero even with the accent. So the firsthalf was a bit slow but it let it build up Kanes character and for the budget it didnt look cheap like some fantasy fare in the past.. Krull, Hawk the Slayer, Ladyhawke and DragonHeart. Alot more fun some other big actioner out at the end of last year and this wasnt in 3D. A good solid start for futre sequels with any luck

Timon -> RE: Soloman Kane (21/2/2010 10:43:55 AM)

Homer, you may be a mod... but you're wrong. A criminally dull first half?! In the first 10mins you had Kane battling the Reaper with flaming swords!

Plus the film cost 25 million. Cut it some lack.

Bighousewill -> Solomon Kane Bad Ass Hard Well Hard (21/2/2010 1:30:30 PM)

Solomon Kane is very enjoyable and will have you rooting for the hero/anti hero whatever. It is action packed and the score is pretty decent adding a certain epicness to the overtop drama and fightscenes with monsters and witches zombies and evil army henchmen. Great fun from start to finish

genejoke -> RE: Solomon Kane Bad Ass Hard Well Hard (21/2/2010 2:36:22 PM)

I think it is safe to say that this will be a future cult classi.  Some like Homer won't dig it but for us that do it is a welcome addition to the likes of willow and conan.

Invader_Ace -> RE: Solomon Kane Bad Ass Hard Well Hard (21/2/2010 11:38:26 PM)

Meh, it's nowhere near Willow and Conan!

I thought it was pretty crap, just didn't fit together well.  I'd say 2 stars, my brother and Dad say 3.

BrooksyTHX1138 -> (22/2/2010 10:59:07 PM)

The phrase dark-as-balls has just made my day

ROTGUT -> THE REAL VAN HELSING.... (23/2/2010 5:42:39 PM)

This film was like a breath of fresh air compared to that Stephen Sommers/Hugh Jackman pile of garbage that was released a while back. James Purefoy knocks this role out of the park and I for one sincerely hope there's a sequel. Come on Empire! Three stars? I'd give it four!!! The reality is - this film won't make half as much money as Van Helsing did - but if there's any justice in this universe at least we may have witnessed the start of a nifty new franchise.......

joanna likes films -> Best Film I Have Seen So Far This Year. (25/2/2010 5:47:07 PM)

Wow, I had seen this today and was completly blown away. This is my first film of 2010 in the cinema, what a good start! I argee that this pushes Van Helsing aside, Soloman Kane rocks and that's that. The action is constant, the story pulls you in and never lets go, the special effects are terriying and awesome and the powerful pefomances are perfect. From Pete Postlethwaite, Max Von Sydow, Jason Flemying to Rachel Hurd Wood, they played their parts well apart from Flemying who just not scary enough but was alright. The real star is James Purefoy. He IS Soloman Kane: two swords, a great cloak and dons that hat to a fine art. There has to be a sequel, if there isn't that's a massive shame. Sure, it's not going to be the most successful film out and won't overule any of the other blockbuster movies heading their way but this film is not to be missed. I really enjoyed every second of it, if it's your sort of genre then check it out before it goes off the cinema. Worth more than three, perhaps four is better.

philrhysmarshall -> Seriously... (26/2/2010 1:18:34 AM)

Utter guff

The kUrGaN -> Really liked it... (26/2/2010 3:30:02 AM)

...some gritty action, rain soaked moody actors, and the best dirty sword battles since Highlander. I liked it a lot. Even Mr Kanes Yorkshire / Irish / Somerset accent adds the unintentional comedy value. FAB

moviemaniac2 -> Solomon Kane (27/2/2010 5:01:30 PM)

Kane is pretty much your quintessential anti-hero. A brooding sort who fights minions of satan in his spare time, this is an enjoyable action adventure film that was much better than I thought it was going to be

skeletonjack -> RE: Solomon Kane (2/3/2010 6:27:46 PM)

Laughably bad I'm afraid, a west country Van Helsing, a landless vagrant indeed.
I really thought I would like this one as well.
It just scrapes by with a generous 2 stars.

The Fanatic -> Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda... (17/3/2010 2:50:45 PM)

I had a lot of hope for Solomon Kane, the one action fantasy film this year that decided to forget about ridiculously huge budgets and just boil down to a man with a badass hat, a flintlock pistol in one hand and a rapier in the other. In the end though, although the action was pretty good, the casting was interesting but provided us with a decent display of acting and the overall dark tone was very well suited, the film to me seemed a little bit boring.
Saying that this film was slow in parts is like saying that occasionally turtles stop their usual bursts of speed. It dragged out unnecessarily long scenes painfully and although the one film no one can help but compare it to, Van Helsing, had too many monsters in it for its own good, this one could have used a couple more. With a few brief examples at the start and end, the majority of the film’s antagonists were some form of brain controlled zombie army that was about as much of a threat to our warrior anti hero as Up was to The Hurt Locker in the Best Film category this year at the Oscars. These foot soldiers of the masked bad guy (I wonder who that could be...SARCASM) served as little more than Kane-fodder for film’s duration.
Perhaps if this does go onto to spawn a franchise then we’ll see it improve with some pace and some interesting villains and eventually we’ll get over the Somerset accent thing and eventually come to enjoy Kane’s adventures rather than grudgingly endure them. Because as we all know, most film franchises get better as they go along. I mean, who didn’t prefer The Matrix Revolutions to its original The Matrix? Right? Jesus wept.

anakin solo -> RE: Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda... (23/3/2010 8:40:00 PM)

I really liked soloman kane, james purefoy was great as the swashbuckiling hero who is looking for redemption in the eyes of god, but none the less shows great apptitude for the sword and the flintlock. But i'm more looking forward to conan, but i really enjoyed this film.

djphilips -> Entertaining but with some major faults (9/4/2010 10:10:49 AM)

I never thought I'd say this, but here is a film which consists of less-than-capable acting and directing letting the awesome writing down. Solomon Kane, in theory, should work perfectly: it's full of thought-provoking themes and interesting characters which give the film a healthy amount of substance, but here style is missing from the equation.
James Purefoy, as good and dedicated as he is in the film, does not let the audience quite understand his character. Yes, Kane is looking for redemption, but why exactly? And why does he decide to finally seek redemption through even more violence? Moreover, Michael J. Bassett does not manage to create a very entertaining film. No sympathy is created for either of the characters and the action feels strangely out of place and outright boring.
Watch Solomon Kane to see what could have been and to witness a brilliant script. Here's hoping for a better sequel.

Nalfeshnee -> (8/6/2010 8:23:59 AM)

really enjoyd this, but then again im a sucker for the dark brooding anti hero. the demon-thing at the end was a bit jarring but other than that i thought it was quite original and the cgi very well executed. Pete Postlethwaithe and Max Von Sydow are welcome in any film theyre in and i though James Purefoy was well-cast in the lead too. a soild 4 stars from me

cj5ar -> Good (26/7/2010 1:50:26 PM)

I have only just got round to renting this and watching it, but I really enjoyed it. I thought James Purefoy was perfect throughout and thought he did menacing quite well even with his West Country accent. The only thing for me that lets it down is the CG. In modern films even with a tight budget there is no real excuse for what was a times laughable graphics. Still enjoyable throughout and I would definitely be in the line at the cinema if a sequel were made.

ReviewX -> Excellent film (27/7/2010 9:41:49 PM)

Excellent acting, cinematography, pace of film, soundtrack, which all draws you into the film. You feel the gloom, rain soaked ground and brutal/bloody well choreographed sword fight scenes.

Far superior to the latest high budget flops such as clash of the titans.

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