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Empire Admin -> Brosnan Doubts Mamma Mia Sequel (11/2/2010 1:17:43 PM)

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BenTramer -> Mamma Mia 2: We Will Rock You (11/2/2010 1:17:43 PM)

In the sequel, the Mamma Mia crowd bump into the cast of We Will Rock You and unite against the evil king of karaoke Simon Cowell to end his reign of pain.

The Voice of Fate -> Make it stop! Make it stop!!!!! (11/2/2010 3:43:01 PM)

When the cold light of day finally dawned, when the fans' inane yelling dies away, when the paycheque has been spent, THEN and only THEN the magnificently talented cast of mamma Mia will have watched the film and flinched. At that point the true horror of what they had done must have sunk in. A giant celebrity pantomime with no direction, plot or charisma. I would have gnawed my own leg off to escape if I hadn't loved the people that asked me to watch it. Please, PLEASE let that be an end to it.

Bluehawk -> (11/2/2010 6:00:50 PM)

Mamma Mia 2: Revenge of The Beatles.

deheor -> My time to shine -'The Look' (11/2/2010 6:34:22 PM)

Yes. With Mamma Mia 2 not happening I can move forward with my movie based on the music of Roxette!

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