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Empire Admin -> Chris Nolan Overseeing Superman? (9/2/2010 4:47:35 PM)

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hatebox -> (9/2/2010 4:47:35 PM)

Well, he has experience at coordinating this kind of thing I suppose. I think he'll also have the sense to find a director who understands exactly why Superman is different to Batman. Superman does not need to be dark.. he needs to be spectacular.

hatebox -> woops (9/2/2010 4:49:37 PM)

double post

Noelg25 -> Agree with hatebox (9/2/2010 5:01:27 PM)

and spectacular is exactly what Superman should be...not dark, moody or edgy...just spectacular and plenty of action...I just hope they get Brainiac as a villain...that would be awesome :D

Rgirvan44 -> RE: Agree with hatebox (9/2/2010 5:11:38 PM)

Superman, by day the mild mannered Clark Kent, gets into BIG BOLD adventures, and there is one or two thousand robots that he can punch this time around. It is fun, exciting and has the right mix of kick ass action and light humor.

There. Done.

Can I get some money now Warners?

Mad Dog Tannen -> Nolan loved the original Superman movie ... (9/2/2010 5:13:40 PM)

... but then again, so did Bryan Singer. I totally agree that dark and broody is not the way to go, neither was Singer's long and boring museum piece. Big, exciting, flashy, funny, and absolutely spectacular ... that's what I want!

adambatman82 -> RE: Nolan loved the original Superman movie ... (9/2/2010 5:21:09 PM)

I would love it if Nolan backed Singer to return to the project. The noise of a thousand fanboys' minds collapsing in sync would be amazing.

BlackHoleP -> (9/2/2010 5:30:16 PM)

Bring back Brandon Routh as Superman!!

indytim -> (9/2/2010 6:00:19 PM)

Hopefully he'll put either Kathryn Bigelow or Neill Blomkamp in the director's chair ...

criderick -> Justice League is coming (9/2/2010 6:01:15 PM)

Don't worry guys, Nolan knows perfectly well Superman and Batman come from different worlds. But it's great to know that both characters will be conceived to meet in Nolan's. Brilliant news! Good for DC Entertainment! It was about time!

indy2606 -> Superman= the news??? (9/2/2010 6:10:31 PM)

Holy scrabled potatoes Batman!
The news of Superman doesn't surprise me, nor does it make me feel all fusy and warm inside... the fact that the Nolans and mr Goyer are planning a 3rd Batman film however, does make me wanna do a little dance, for wich I, of course, will apologize

evildave69 -> Routh. Singer. Nolan. (9/2/2010 6:25:38 PM)

I'd really love to see Brandon Routh get another chance to do Superman. Since Superman Returns he's been totally floundering. And to be totally honest I'd like to give Singer another shot. Yeah sure the first one wasn't brilliant but the actions scenes most definately spectacular and I think Singer knows the tone for the film. He was just given too much time, too much money and most importantly too much space. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to see the studio big wigs getting in on the act and ruining the fun for everyone but Singer was almost too much of a fanboy and tried to cover too much territory. If Singer and Nolan were to get involved then I would be so excited. Their opposing styles and overall ability (let's not forget The Usual Suspects before we totally discount Singer) make them and prospect worth dying for.

JIm R -> RE: Routh. Singer. Nolan. (9/2/2010 6:33:39 PM)

Nolan produces, Singer directs, Routh as Superman, + Doomsday = [sm=w00t.gif]

Returns was superb, both Singer and Routh deserve the opportinity,

PLUS a third Nolan Batman film, best news item for many a day [;)]

Mr Terrific -> RE: Routh. Singer. Nolan. (9/2/2010 6:34:14 PM)

This decision by DC and studio heads is all business. Its not a bad decision, Nolan will only give suggestions to new maybe how to film with IMAX cameras and the best way to integrate FX into filming. This points to the use of an up and coming director also.

freemantle_uk -> (9/2/2010 6:35:37 PM)

I enjoyed Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, but I think the whole Superman series does need to start from scratch. If Lex Luther is the main villain he needs to be a lot more sinister and serious then in the previous films.
It's great news Christopher Nolan is in the producer's chair and I hope he brings David S. Goyer as well. Tone wise Superman should be like Iron Man and the Raimi Spidermans, serious, but fun, with great action sequences.
The best director would be Jon Favreau, but he is already taken. Other opinions are Zack Snyder (a favoured director for Warner Brothers), Sam Raimi who is now free, Alfonso Cuaron, JJ Abrams or Edgar Wright.

Just make sure they never hire anyone like Brett Ratner

Woger -> RE: (9/2/2010 6:51:25 PM)

The best news is Harry Enfield has an idea for another Batman and work is due to start on a script.

titchfield -> (9/2/2010 7:25:34 PM)

They should just use the next film to finish off Smallville. It's ludicrous to continue with Brandon 'Superman is made of plastic' Routh and the awful direction that Singer took it in. Lex Luthor is extremely dull when camped up. As for Nolan, the first of the Christian Bale Batman films was terrible and he's also responsible for letting him do that awful 'Honestly I'm not Bruce Wayne' voice that just grates on your nerves. Dark Knight was good but lets not eulogise the first film.

Noelg25 -> Agree with hatebox (9/2/2010 7:30:26 PM)

Accidental double post

hatebox -> RE: (9/2/2010 7:32:50 PM)


ORIGINAL: titchfield

Dark Knight was good but lets not eulogise the first film.

I don't think anyone was. Even so, it was alright.

a_man_and_his_monkey -> all sounds good... (9/2/2010 8:35:44 PM)

this is good news all round me thinks. although i don't see why they're rebooting instead of making a sequel?! personally, i liked superman returns (apart from the whole superman lifting a kryptonite island), the performances were all good and singer did a great job. with the same team and nolan on board it'd be epic. but me thinks this won't happen. but having nolan on board is still a good step. and as for nolan having "a good idea" for the third batman flick? i think i just jizzed a little.

dtox -> Give it a long rest (9/2/2010 8:36:14 PM)

You can reboot it, re invent it, give it a sequel, expand the TV show, get whichever director/actor etc.... Is hot but it's going to make no difference.
Superman has been on our screens non stop in whatever format for god knows how long, there is nothing new to tell.
The best move would be to end the TV show and let it be dorment for a good ten years before rebooting or whatever they want to do.

Bluehawk -> (9/2/2010 9:16:56 PM)

Cant wait for the first reboot of a reboot.

BenTramer -> Chris Nolan Vs The Krypton Factor (9/2/2010 10:02:58 PM)

Sounds like a cynical attempt to squeeze every last cent out of Superman before the rights revert to the rightful owners. Nolan breathed new life in the Batman franchise but this "mentoring" business means he's not directly involved in it. "Superman Returns" wasn't quite up to scratch. It was good but not great and Kate Bosworth was horribly miscast as Lois Lane, she brought nothing to the role. Must do better next time!

Bates -> (9/2/2010 10:13:15 PM)

I am really hopeful for a future of quality DC movie's but I think that if they are making DC movies they need to make them all part of the same universe. they need to work with the actors they have, Brandon Routh did exactly what he was told to do in Superman Returns and he did a bang up job. DC need to keep continuity and keep him as Superman but I am all up for Chris Nolan taking over creative control and I think he may be the right person to put Brandon Routh on the right track.
He may the perfect person to create a DC movie universe that both Brandon Rouths Superman, Christian Bales Batman and Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern can co-exhist.
In my humble opinion they have a strong foundation to build a fantastic Movie Universe and possibly a kick ass Justice League movie. And dont get me wrong I love the Marvel Movies and the universe but I think DC can do it alot better.

rpem22 -> Very overrated director... (9/2/2010 10:46:44 PM)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Dark Knight was a technically well made film, but was a very shit film in regard to narrative, which was Chris Nolan's job to get right...Time will prove this to be true.

jimoakley666 -> More reasons... (9/2/2010 11:36:25 PM)

The guy I would love to see as godfather (or writer) of a new Superman movie would actually be mad scotts writer Grant Morrison. Anyone who has read All Star Superman will know where I'm coming from. He really gets what the character and that world is at it's core. THAT could be a very fun movie.

Arkduune -> Give Smith another go ! (10/2/2010 8:49:31 AM)

We want Kevin! clap-clap-clap
We want Kevin! clap-clap-clap
We want Kevin! clap-clap-clap

higgins78 -> Superman Retuns Redundant? (10/2/2010 9:31:01 AM)

X-Men, The Fantastic 4 and Iron Man all had sequels made, obviously somebody somewhere finding them each deserving of this. Fair enough, so why not Superman Returns!? Surely it easily held it's own pitted against many of the fore-mentioned movies, in my opinion stamped all over them.

Leeorami 2.0 -> (10/2/2010 9:35:31 AM)

Oh god, not another origin film. Boring boring boring.

sinj -> The problem with superman (10/2/2010 10:06:48 AM)

Why was Superman 2 so good, great actors with great characters perhaps, or was it the fact that Superman had villains he could actually go 1 on 1 with without killing them? Supes needs a decent fight to add to the action not just the boyscout doing good deeds. Bring on Doomsday or Darkseid with Nolan along for the ride it can't hurt!

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