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Empire Admin -> Trading Places (2/2/2006 2:09:18 PM)

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Pat Roach -> (18/10/2008 1:00:23 PM)

One of my favourite films of all time. 4 stars Empire? "Do you know who you're fucking with? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE FUCKING WITH!?! IN CELL BLOCK 4...ON THE 9th FLOOR..."

Cujo -> (16/12/2008 12:27:59 AM)

I'm a karate man!

TheGodfather -> (3/1/2010 7:23:45 PM)

This still is a highly enjoyable, typical `80`s film from a period when Eddie Muprhy still was funny.
Have seen numerous times already but it`s still a fun watch.


Turd Ferguson -> 4 Stars??? (3/8/2011 10:11:36 PM)

A "decent family comedy"? First off, this is an exceptional comedy. The term "decent" doesn't do this movie justice. Second, is this really considered a "family comedy"? I'm not sure about anyone else, but when a movie features a prostitute who bares her breasts, drug & alcohol use and at least one "n" bomb, I don't think that qualifies as a good ol' fashioned family movie. This is definitely an adult comedy for the ages.

lostboys96 -> Family Comedy?! (4/2/2012 11:16:53 PM)

First off, this is NOT a family comedy. And is more then DECENT. Since when can a family film have swearing, breasts, drugs and even some mildy racist language? Still, this is another Eddie Murphy comedy film from the 80's. And he does super-fine. Aykroyd is also very good as the richie-turned-poor. But the show stealer is the short but funny character, Clarence Beaks. In the end though, this ends up being a funny and light-hearted piece of comedic genius from Landis (An American Werewolf In London). Genius

Azzurro06 -> Do Empire view the movies before reviewing them?!?!?! (14/7/2015 11:32:27 PM)

Who is the moron who reviewed this?
"A decent family comedy"...I simply do not have the words lol

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