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Empire Admin -> Will The Next Bourne Be A Prequel? (1/2/2010 10:47:54 AM)

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captainamazing -> No, no, no. (1/2/2010 10:47:54 AM)

Rebooting a perfectly good film franchise less than 10 years old?? Just get some new ideas! Why does hollywood insist on having origin stories? Can't we just be presented with a character who has minimal backstory and we go from there? This is social networking's fault. We don't NEED to know EVERYTHING about a person. It stops being a story and becomes a biography! Where the hell is the mystery?

warren7355 -> Hahaah (1/2/2010 10:53:42 AM)

Heh, that's like Christian Bale and Chris Nolan refusing to do another Batman film, so the studio decides to 'Reboot' it with another cast, laughable!!!

Bubba76 -> (1/2/2010 11:15:14 AM)

The Bourne films are just terrible! He should just crawl under a rock and die! That's what I would pay to see!

Alvin Stardust -> (1/2/2010 12:13:25 PM)

Why aren't people (and Empire) not content just to let the three (overrated) films stand alone, instead of keep asking for more...

leroythemasochist -> the simple reason is this... (1/2/2010 12:29:50 PM)

There is a little known book in every Hollywood studio library and it's called The Hollywood Dictionary.
In it, if you look up the word 'reboot' you will find this definition:
'The process of ensuring the studio continues to make money for as long as possible without having to think of anything new. There is no need to consider previous movies in a 'franchise', instead simply ride rough-shod over them and start over.
When reboot film is released, wait another year or two and repeat process until everyone is sick to death of it.
Then, decades later you can get the original production crew to come out swinging for a nostalgia-ride.
The final outcome is doubling of revenue from a single idea.'

This is a real book, honest injun!

sowasred2012 -> Ultimatum capped it off nicely. (1/2/2010 1:02:36 PM)

That last scene with him floating in the water, reminiscent of the opening of the first film, then he springs back to action and swims away?

Come on, there's no need to go back, or forward, with this story now it's gone full circle - let it be, it's fine as it is.

attakdog -> RE: Hahaah (1/2/2010 1:24:51 PM)

LOL, rebooting the Bourne Franchise just because Damon wont sign on without Greengrass. Hell that would be like Sony deciding to reboot Spider-man because maguire wont sign on without Raimi, hey wait a minute................

undesirablenumber1 -> IT'S A TRILOGY. (1/2/2010 1:33:43 PM)

Goddamn, what's wrong with leaving it at three? I personally thought the formula was getting a little repetitive by Ultimatum ("We're going to nab him, we have the upper hand in this very public place!" (ring ring) "Hello... he's turned the tables! EVERYBODY RUN!" ad infinitum), but still enjoyed all three films. It may be naive to ask for a little creativity from Hollywood, but let the story end with Ultimatum. Please?

granny -> (1/2/2010 1:51:48 PM)

Whatever happens with Bourne 4 the script will probably include

a) A gritty car chase probably set to a nice dance choon
b) Bourne having to brush off a lady for her own good.
c) Bourne using an unusual item as a weapon
d) A shady government operative
e) Bourne supposedly finding out all he needs to know but not really as there has to a be a sequel even though the poster promises that all will be revealed, honest.

The formula was good for two films and passable for a third but time to move on, I think.

Noelg25 -> Leave it ALONE!!! (1/2/2010 2:41:29 PM)

Just please leave it alone...the Bourne Trilogy are forever the best ones...don't make anymore, no prequels, no reboots, NO NOTHING!!!

dunstabledoug -> (1/2/2010 3:56:40 PM)

Erm, has everybody forgotten Doug Liman......?

Michael Cobrador -> Chris Pine as Bourne (1/2/2010 5:37:11 PM)

I always wondered how and why Bourne grows a conscience as a result of amnesia?? I suppose his willingness to become an assassin in the first place could be explored in a prequel and my vote would be for Chris Pine to play the younger Bourne. From a story point of view I would prefer it is left alone and we use our imaginations to fill in these blanks but if there is money to be made (and I'm sure there is) you know the studios will make another movie. Go Chris go.

a_man_and_his_monkey -> (1/2/2010 9:30:55 PM)

this is a terrible, terrible idea. if greengrass and damon are out, just let it die.

jimoakley666 -> Yawn... (1/2/2010 9:39:38 PM)

Couldn't give a shit...

kevy85 -> damon is bourne (1/2/2010 10:34:16 PM)

A prequel could be interesting but only if Damon is in it, the title practitly writes itself, "The Bourne identity - Bourne Again"

rollinsox007 -> (2/2/2010 5:07:22 PM)

I loved Bourne Identity, but thought that the last two were not very good. Greengrass made two very highly overrated movies in my opinion. Damon was great as Bourne, but the series has to do a prequel if anything. The storyline is done and all they want to do now is cash in. They always tried to say how much better it was than Bond because Bourne was 'different' and killing really affected him emotionally, but a prequel is the only logical direction to go and he'd be just the same as Bond, a hired agent.

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