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Anne Hedley -> Hugh Jackman (31/1/2006 11:04:34 PM)

Hello everyone I have just joined the forum and look forward to discussing films, actors but my favourite actor is the very very talented Hugh Jackman whom I was very lucky to see live on stage in London in Oklahoma he was awesome.  His acting, singing and dancing were beyond belief and he was so natural and wow he is so handsome

sugarplum_fairy -> RE: Hugh Jackman (1/2/2006 4:01:12 PM)

Welcome! [:D]

I am very happy to see another Hugh fan [;)] but there is already a thread for him which can be found here, complete with Hugh news and some truly delightful pics! Enjoy!

Anne Hedley -> RE: Hugh Jackman (1/2/2006 5:31:00 PM)

Sugar plumb fair wrote [quoteI am very happy to see another Hugh fan [;)] but there is already a thread for him which can be found here, complete with Hugh news and some truly delightful pics! Enjoy![/quote]

ww weeeeeeee.   This io great thanks for the info. I will try to find the thread next time I have something to say  -  I do however have pictures I am very willing to share of this very talented actor so  -    name the film and I will see what  can do.    And don't ask me why it came up in bold print   -  it just die  -  it does this with me  -  I think its may age 69 and all that 
Speak soon I hope

Anne Hedley -> RE: Hugh Jackman (16/8/2009 3:40:30 PM)

Hi Sugarplum Fairy long time no speak - life been a bit difficult but I hope I am finding my way back - good news I love Hugh more than ever LOL[:)]

JoeyPottr -> RE: Hugh Jackman (27/8/2009 7:25:23 AM)

This guy is so unbelievably talented, who else could play The Boy from Oz and Wolverine, that's range right there. He's so handsome, charismatic, funny too. He can do serious drama (The Fountain) romantic comedy (Someone Like You) or action extreme (X Men, Wolverine) he's just so fun to watch and a nice guy too. Then there's the whole Australian manly man thing to. What it is about Australian men? Even in cheese like Swordfish he's great and steals every scene from John Travolta. It's so interesting that he wasn't the first choice for Wolverine though, I can't imagine anyone else playing that part (Dougray Scott was). Also in the X Men movies the director Bryan Singer shoots Hugh from angles so he looks shorter than his 6'3 frame is, Since Wolverine is basically a shrimp at 5'6. I just loved him as the Oscar host, he's just a talented cool guy. [;)]

Anne Hedley -> RE: Hugh Jackman (27/8/2009 7:48:04 PM)

Hi Joey

You certainly put everything into words I would have used about this wonderful multi talented actor with gorgeous looks, wonderful sense of humour and the body of a Greek God.. I have only seen Hugh on the stage once and it was superb and that was Oklahoma my favourite musical and he was far and away the best Curly I have ever seen or heard.  I wish he would come to London again. There were standing ovations all through the show and he was nominated for the best stage actor.  The whole company were first  class without aweak link

Oh and I loved the film Australia  ..................

JoeyPottr -> RE: Hugh Jackman (27/8/2009 11:04:38 PM)

Hi Anne, I think it's so cool that you have seen Hugh Jackman on stage, that would be a real treat, he's just amazing. His voice is just beautiful and he's got such an energy about him. I read that he bought breakfast for 800 people waiting overnight at the premiere of Wolverine not only bought breakfast, but went out to breakfast with them, just WOW not many big stars do that. [;)] he doesn't have an ego which is refreshing in Hollywood, and he's devoted to his family, that's just cool.

Anne Hedley -> RE: Hugh Jackman (27/8/2009 11:35:29 PM)

Hi Joey

Well it would certainly appear that whatever else we both have excellent taste in beauty, personality, and talent all wrapped up in the gorgeous shape of Hugh Jackman

I did read somewhere on the net that one of his dreams was to perform a play by William Shakespear and that possibily Trevor Nunn who directed Oklahoma would direct the Shakespear.  Hugh has an excellent English accent and I bet he would be very good and Trevor would  really get a great deal out of Hugh's performance.  Keep your eyes open and let me know if you see anything.  I feel jaded I want another Hugh film  [8D]

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