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Empire Admin -> Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakwel (21/12/2009 4:34:33 PM)

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crazymoviesdude -> (21/12/2009 6:17:36 PM)

Well done Kim. We all knew it would be crap, but I salute you for taking the bullet, and confirming this.

homersimpson_esq -> RE: (22/12/2009 1:28:33 AM)


Squeakquel, I believe!


RAJEEVSHETTY -> (24/12/2009 7:36:24 PM)

This is a poor film but its been reviewed as if its an adults film. I saw it with my two kids aged 3 and 6 and they loved it. They loved Planet 51 as well and found both of these films much more enjoyable than the more cerebral stuff in Pixar films (like Wall E and Up). I think sometimes these reviews of children's films forget one important issue.. will the kids like it?

UTB -> RE: (25/12/2009 12:06:01 AM)

Why are all of Kim Newman's reviews 1 paragraph long these days?

Does he just review the trailers or something? Or does he get paid per paragraph?

Mikeyjoewhit -> no comment (29/12/2009 6:00:25 PM)

i didn't even bother watching this film, i've read and seen enough to put me off alvin and the chipmunks for life, i agree with empire's verdict, as soon as i saw that they had female chipmunks i almost cried i was that horrified, needless to say this film scrapes by with the bare minimum, damn you betty thomas get a grip

the film man -> Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Review (19/12/2011 1:40:44 PM)

This Squeakquel may entertain the kiddies, but it's low on energy and heavily reliant on slapstick humor.

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