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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: New Iron Man 2 Poster (3/12/2009 10:56:37 AM)

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Nicola Brierley -> (3/12/2009 10:56:37 AM)

This poster just made my day :-)

Nicola Brierley -> (3/12/2009 11:00:22 AM)

This poster just made my day :-)

hatebox -> (3/12/2009 11:19:43 AM)

Guess they wanted to remind everyone that, yes, Downey is in this film.

Not bad, but there doesn't seem to be any artisitic inspiration for Iron Man posters. I mean, Batman standing in front of a burning building had some kind of narrative, thematic suggestion to it.

annonymous -> (3/12/2009 1:20:56 PM)

This poster made my day too. Anytime I can see Robert as the charismatic Tony Stark works for me!!!! Wonderful poster!

David Somerset -> RE: (3/12/2009 2:23:59 PM)

Both posters, and the photos we've seen, could be from the first film. Let's see something new and exciting, shall we? (the back of War Machine doesn't count)

dholleyuk -> what a dull poster (3/12/2009 3:13:52 PM)

err thats dull

Rich Empire -> Like it! (3/12/2009 5:40:13 PM)

As a teaser poster I like it.
Not giving too much away, which is a good thing!

Hope all is well.
: )

xfsista -> (3/12/2009 8:57:20 PM)

I usually prefer the international posters, but I liked the U.S. version better this time. RDJ looks like he has no neck in this one. :-\

absolute_im_fan -> Sets the mood for the film (5/12/2009 7:35:25 AM)

Of course it will get tougher - can't you see the storm clouds in the background???

evildave69 -> (6/12/2009 7:32:50 PM)

Yeah sure it looks cool, but it's not exactly rocking the boat is it?

ElSloano64 -> ElSloano64 (7/12/2009 11:28:46 AM)

Guys, this poster SUCKS.
You should see the US poster instead - it's got Iron Man and War Machine standing back to back and WM's shoulder mounted mini Gatling gun is present and correct. Awesome. The above poster is pants!

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