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Empire Admin -> No Monsters In Rambo 5 (13/11/2009 7:38:04 AM)

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Bond -> Thank God! (13/11/2009 7:38:04 AM)

I'm glad he's changed it and listened to the fans, the plotline just didn't fit Rambo at all, doing it with an original character is the best idea to go. Concerning the Mexico plotline, he has to be careful not to be too much like Taken, otherwise it's just going to be boring as we would have seen it all before.

Mat1az -> Thank God indeed! (13/11/2009 8:51:13 AM)

I remember the first time I read that there would be a monster/man-beast in the next Rambo movie. I was like, WTF are you thinking Stallone? Thank god he came to his senses and decided to take a other path with the new movie. And listening to the fans!

Things are looking much brighter for Rambo right now!

CORLEONE -> RE: Thank God indeed! (13/11/2009 9:26:23 AM)

Am I the only one disappointed by this? We all know Rambo can kill any man. A rescue mission to rescue a kidnapped daughter sounds shite, and has been done a trillion time before....

Matthew Field -> (13/11/2009 9:56:33 AM)

Daniel 2:28 - 'There is a God in heaven'. Obviously an Old Testament prophecy about sly stallone coming to his senses!........Although I'm also slightly dissapointed.

BenTramer -> The Expendables Part II: The Savage Hunt (13/11/2009 10:08:40 AM)

That Savage Hunt story could work as an Expendables sequel with them getting wiped out one by one like Arnie's team in Predator. Could be an entertaining flick.

dugfinger -> (13/11/2009 10:35:11 AM)

Thank fuck for that.

andyswright -> Thank you for coming to your sense, but... (13/11/2009 11:04:13 AM)

... don't do the Mexico thing. Take Rambo back to his 'First Blood' roots, for goodness sake. Anyone can see that this is the way to go!

Taz69 -> Aw shame. (13/11/2009 11:55:42 AM)

It couldn't be as dull as Rambo IV (well maybe it could actually, Hunter sounds a bit Universal Soldier,mmm?). In projects on Stallone's To-Do List how about a sequel to his 'runaway hit comedy' Oscar. The world's dying for that one.

boristhespie -> Giev the man his due (13/11/2009 5:50:27 PM)

You have to say he really has pulled his careeer outta tha shitter

leroythemasochist -> you gotta love 'im! (14/11/2009 7:48:08 PM)

As has been said earlier, you've gotta hand it to Sly, he recognised what he does best (better than just about anyone if you ask me) and that is full-on action movies that show you just what fun you can have with a bloody big knife and lots and lots of explosives!
Seriously though, a few other big hitters from decades gone by could do worse than actually thinking like him.
I love him, always have - ever since I first saw Rocky.
A career that looked a bit wobbly is now well and truly back on track - bring on the Expendables!!!!

shanewire -> I assumed that Savage Hunt poster was fake (15/11/2009 12:54:56 AM)

I liked the name. Not the premise though.

elzupasmonkey -> RE: I assumed that Savage Hunt poster was fake (15/11/2009 10:13:15 PM)

Kind of disappointed. Really thought it could have been great.

Now all thse fucking talkbackers think they've got some fucking say over what gets made. Fuck them.

Deviation -> RE: I assumed that Savage Hunt poster was fake (15/11/2009 10:23:18 PM)

It's become boring and rubbish again.

UTB -> RE: I assumed that Savage Hunt poster was fake (16/11/2009 12:06:41 AM)

Thank christ for that. For a moment there Rambo was in danger of becoming unrealistic. 

Deviation -> RE: I assumed that Savage Hunt poster was fake (16/11/2009 1:05:18 AM)

Pfft UTB, don't you know Rambo 2 was based on real events?[:D]

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