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Not on my watch - Pigeon Army.

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ORIGINAL: Barbarey

Oh boy, I love watching! Meanwhile, how true is it that Nicolas Cage is broke? Recent reports, including People Magazine granted, these are gossip rags that are really only useful for kindling - are coming out about Nicholas Cage broke. Well, the reports of Nicholas Cage broke are true, as the highly successful actor is severely in the hole, with the IRS and mortgage companies. He's trying to do everything he can to pay it off, including auctioning off a lot of his assets, and he has so far blamed his former management for malfeasance. Sam Levin, his former manager, is fingered as the culprit as the person who mishandled Cage's affairs and led to $20 million in liabilities. Nicholas Cage or that far in debt that's more than payday lenders can lend.

What the hell are you talking about?

................ Tumbleweed

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