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Empire Admin -> New Wolverine Character Spot (15/10/2009 6:22:20 PM)

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taskmaster -> Oh wow... (15/10/2009 6:22:20 PM)

That accent is worse than I remember it

jamesjewell1983 -> hhhmm... (15/10/2009 7:12:49 PM)

1. i'd like to know how much Empire earned for doing this shameless plugging of a not very good movie, that they didnt even give a good review for
2. Gambit, is a cool character, but this incarnation just comes over as a bit wank - much like the rest of the movie. what a waste.

albumental -> Jamesjewell1983 (16/10/2009 10:50:44 AM)

Totally agree with your first point. It's thinly veiled branded content passed off as an exclusive and somewhat offensive at that, especially as it's related to a movie which Empire themselves considered poor.

I'm also a little confused as to why there is an extensive video interview with the guy from True Blood. He doesn't have a film out, isn't known for movie acting but... oh hang on the Boxset of True Blood is out this week.

Come on Empire, I understand the publishing industry needs to find new methods of making cash, but at least be transparent about it.

Tell us this content is sponsored by a studio and we won't feel like we're being lied to or patronised. Oh and your advertisers will be happier too.

ThismonkeyhasRAGE -> (16/10/2009 11:19:20 AM)

I for one would like to see Empire answer for this shameless plug. For fuck's sake, it's embaressing.

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