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Empire Admin -> Holy Moses! (12/10/2009 8:21:24 AM)

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dctuck -> (12/10/2009 8:21:24 AM)

Re-imagining?! How can you reimagine Moses? He's in the frigging Bible!

icedude -> dctuck (12/10/2009 11:03:40 AM)

come on now, the bible is fiction, so a re-imagining is quality, lets go on from this,
Adam and Eve-directed by David Fichner
Kane and Able-Director Quentin Tarantino
anyone else got any idea's??

fuzzcaminski -> Let's get biblical, biblical, come on and get biblical, let's get in to biblical! (12/10/2009 11:32:33 AM)

Why the hell not, the old testament is all about the blood and guts, besmirching and what not, plus hey, if Tarantino can have Hitler riddled with bullets and historians don't complain, when for a fact we knew that's not how he died, how can people complain if they want to add a little 'Bayhem' to the bible, seeing as in it's simplest form it's all up for conjecture.

I ain't religious but i do love the Old Testament, the sequel was toss in comparison

Fidget -> RE: Let's get biblical, biblical, come on and get biblical, let's get in to biblical! (12/10/2009 2:52:51 PM)

Ok, so I wouldn't describe myself as 'religious' but I do have a faith and I reckon this would be AMAZING! People make the Bible sound so boring sometimes but it really isn't and Moses was a badass! Bring it on!

BenTramer -> Let My People Go (12/10/2009 7:22:44 PM)

Gladiator is essentially an update of Ben-Hur. Will Smith did Charlton's role in "I Am Legend." Now they're getting around to Moses. The story of Moses has some incredible visuals in it and 300 did too, so it could be a marriage made in Heaven. Cautiously optimistic.

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