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Empire Admin -> The Keep (30/9/2009 9:46:03 PM)

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Manfrendshensindshen -> Five Stars? (30/9/2009 9:46:03 PM)

You must be joking, mate!

Hardly ever before or since have topic and a director's style been as mismatches as in this case. A Nazi horror movie is as ridiculous a concept as it gets, so one can only wonder exactly what it was that drew realism fetishist Michael Mann to this story. The result is a very silly film that's taking itself rather serious, which makes it not nearly as much for b-movie connoisseurs as the premise would have them believe, though Mann's oh-so-eighties visual style is good for the odd smirk.

This might be the definite high brow guilty pleasure, but that doesn't make it a good movie.

JCR -> RE: Five Stars? (1/10/2009 4:15:10 AM)

What was the purpose of the review? It's not out on dvd, doesn't appear to be getting a cinema re-release. Where can I see the film?

Phubbs -> RE: Five Stars? (4/4/2012 6:10:35 PM)

Mann's second film and a controversial adaptation of Wilson's novel that didn't go down too well with either the audiences or the author. The film isn't particularly bad but there is obviously allot of hack editing going on and much of the original plot has been ignored or cut.

On the visual side the film is really quite cool looking, it almost looks like an early MTV rock video hehe the effects (for the time) were pretty swish and do hold the tone of the film together. There is allot of visual flair going on here which is one of the films saving graces.

Another plus point is the soundtrack by Tangerine Dream, as you would expect their usual blend of futuristic, electronic, enthral and spiritual sounds is quite unique and very uplifting to listen to. The only problem is this lovely soundtrack doesn't really fit this film, allot of tense moments don't really come across as I suspect they should have whilst the music floats in the background, you would expect to hear a score like this for a film like 'Blade Runner'.

The film is also confusing and unexplained, the original novel is straight forward but the film is a mess. The evil entity that is released seems to be angry at the Nazi's for killing 'his people' so I'm guessing it was a Jewish entity? and if it wants to kill Nazi's why not let it?. We also don't find out where the entity comes from, what it is?, what's its purpose?, who is 'Glenn'?, what is 'Glenn's' story? etc...

This isn't really a horror in my eyes, there isn't much blood or gore and its not scary in the slightest, it comes across as a slightly adult version of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' really. The entity or demon is a bit comical to be honest, should of been kept unseen really, shame as the sets, lighting and camera work all play well to set the mood.

I think first time viewers who have not read the novel will struggle with many questions but the blend of gothic horror set amidst WWII will keep most entertained and interested as it is well crafted. The cast of big names in early roles also works in the films favour, check McKellen in a pre 'Professor X' type role and Gabriel Byrne as the sadistic German SD Officer Sturmbannführer.

jackcarter -> RE: Five Stars? (1/12/2012 1:10:41 PM)

Film 4 are showing this

some random observations -
-McKellan - young Gandalf in full on 'you shall not pass!' mode at end...(plus his scene in the concentration camp brings to mind Xmen)
-G Byrne is playing his End of Days character....
-Jürgen Prochnow doing his shouty Judge Dredd thing....
-Scott Glenn is like a benign Terminator....or Kurgan
-the evil entity was kind of like a Prometheus engineer...with the motivations of the evil God entity in Star Trek V[:)]
-as Phubbs mentioned the whole film is like the end of Raiders with a Blade Runner type score...
-its like a John Carpenter film directed by Mann.....
-trippy eerie movie like a blade runner that hasnt been taken 'in' by the mainstream - i can see why its got the cult status (plus it having flopped, not being available to buy, the haunting synth score, the before they were famous cast etc)

JohnChard -> RE: The Keep (3/12/2012 5:03:50 AM)

Gotta say I think it's a very sound and astute review actually. The five stars are not given for a masterpiece of film making, but for effort and how it lingers afterwards. The reviewer clearly explains and justifies the review and feelings on the film. You can have films that have evident flaws and still be given top marks, it's not a requisite that all film reviews giving top marks should appertain only to what other viewers sees as flawless movies.

Besides, just how many flawless movies are out there? I mean really?  :-) 

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