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Empire Admin -> Bandslam (14/8/2009 2:50:02 PM)

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filmsunlimited -> Above average underdog gets the girl movie (17/8/2009 12:54:57 AM)

The plot is about as hackneyed as a run down area of East London. Previously bullied American high school boy gets popular and gets the girl. With challenges in the way. More uniquely for this particular flick, choosing between not one but TWO potential girls! Better and more pognant than most of this genre eg. when the crowd start chanting DWI to the lead and it seems his new classmates may all be picking on him, he pauses, joins in and retorts 'DO WE WANT TO ROCK!' , a great act of standing up to oppression and sticking two fingers up at it! For all this, Lisa Kudrow is not kept busy enough in this.

fatboycheese -> Get your act together Empire!! (19/8/2009 10:27:07 PM)

What's going on with your reviews at Empire?
How can you possibly give the abysmal new Harry Potter the same rating as this great little feelgood film! Cheesy it may be but it's great quality cheese. Are you actually going to see the films you review. It's a shame as there were only 5 people in the cinema tonight ( on an orange wednesday ) Maybe the film is formulaic but whenever does that stop a film being enjoyable? We can't all be Lars Von Triers....

barney182 -> Did you watch this film (8/1/2010 8:33:02 PM)

You say in the plot "A new girl in town forms a rock band". I've just seen this (very good by the way) film and that's not the plot. A new boy in town is roped into managing a band that has already been formed. Did you actually watch this movie?!

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