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Empire Admin -> Batman 3 To Start Filming Next Year (24/7/2009 7:25:06 PM)

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domcruise -> (24/7/2009 7:25:06 PM)


JoKeRJaMeZ -> YESS!!! (24/7/2009 7:29:38 PM)

but please don't fuck this up...
Is Nolan directing?

John_Connor -> (24/7/2009 7:30:54 PM)

I just wet myself. :)

The Joker 18 -> (24/7/2009 7:36:21 PM)

But Christopher Nolan is filming "Inception" soon. Could he really direct two colossal right after the other?

PsychoPriest -> Anyone else.... (24/7/2009 7:44:27 PM)

....get the feeling he's taking the piss and Empire have fallen for it?

Thirdmansam -> (24/7/2009 7:46:19 PM)


steveg66 -> RE:I just wet myself. :) (24/7/2009 7:53:10 PM)

Bet that's not the only bodily fluids that some people will lose with that news!
Woohoo! Best movie news of the year, hope it's not bullshit.

criderick -> Yes Nolan is directing it. (24/7/2009 7:55:31 PM)

Don't worry, guys. Nolan will be directing it. It is something that was published by HR and Empire some days ago. DC and WB are planning to make very soon a film on Flash, two on The Green Arrow and one to Aquaman, a sequel for Superman Returns and another film called Bizarro, Plus The Green Lantern before The Justice League. And they said that Nolan will be directing the next Batman Film. So cheer up! It will be done and it will be good!

Mr Terrific -> RE: Yes Nolan is directing it. (24/7/2009 8:03:48 PM)

(Raises eyebrows)

Really doubt that Nolan will be involved now. He may executive produce, but not much more.

On the Batman front, a sequel to "Dark Knight" also is quite a way off. Nolan is open to doing a third installment, but his next movie is "Inception," an original script he penned and is shooting for Warners.

crazymoviesdude -> (24/7/2009 8:03:50 PM)

Criderick, you might well be the only person who knows about this news, I recall no assurance that Nolan would be involved, in fact, I don't recall their being any mention of Batman 3 at all.

criderick -> Here's the info I talked about. (24/7/2009 8:11:12 PM)

paul.mccluskey -> RE: Batman 3 To Start Filming Next Year (24/7/2009 8:15:38 PM)

I'll be convinced when Empire gives us the first official image.

BatFan -> RE: (24/7/2009 8:16:20 PM)

Wow, this news has struck me for the ten count. But i'm pretty concerned now about how it's going along. The period from Begins to Dark Knight was as soon as Begins was out in cinemas Nolan started to make The Prestige, that was finished by early-mid 2006, then we got the news that nolan was back and the film was called Dark Knight in summer 2006. They atarted filming in 2007 and it was released Summer 2008.
Now Nolan took a break straight afterward TDK and he only just started making Inception and that won't be finished until Febuary-March next year at the latest. then press for Inception in July. So either Nolan plans to make the film in roughly 12 months (presuming it's a summer 2011 release) which is quite rushed by his standards (and especially for someone who about a year ago said he was creatiely burnt out) which will mean he'll have to work on the script and casting and all pre-production while in post-production for Inception. Or he's not directing and they're getting someone else which makes me even more worried.

Please don't fuck this up.
Please don't fuck this up.
Please don't fuck this up.

AJJCrook -> Hmmm... (24/7/2009 8:21:41 PM)

taking the piss perhaps Gary?

piccolo135 -> omigod omigod omigod omigod (24/7/2009 8:26:55 PM)

Please let it be official, surely now its circulating the web they will have to announce. Im the happiest geek in the land.

Ghost Mutt -> RE: omigod omigod omigod omigod (24/7/2009 9:08:17 PM)

Fucking hell yes.

boblog -> RE: omigod omigod omigod omigod (24/7/2009 9:37:58 PM)

If i wasn't sitting down I would have fallen over when I saw that! Gob-smacked!

Fingers crossed for a follow up statement soon as possible, Nolan could easily do Inception and then start B3 in 2010.... but god it'll be a bloody tragedy if he doesn't!

Know its probably Gary having a laugh but doubt Empire would be reporting at this time on a Friday night if it was said in jest??

near -> RE: omigod omigod omigod omigod (24/7/2009 9:45:28 PM)

It will need someone like Johnny Depp to make this special.

adambatman82 -> RE: omigod omigod omigod omigod (24/7/2009 9:53:34 PM)



It will need someone like Johnny Depp to make this special.


Woger -> RE: omigod omigod omigod omigod (24/7/2009 10:07:14 PM)

Please no Johnny Depp, if the joker returns I think Leonardo DiCaprio would be good and he's working with Nolan. Gotham also needs a mayor, someone like Al Pacino or Clint Eastwood would be good.

piccolo135 -> AICT update is concerning!! (24/7/2009 10:48:00 PM)

AICT has provided an concerns me.


I just interviewed Oldman and he back-peddled a bit on it, going from sure to the movie filming next year on the panel to a more "well, I'm sure they want to do another one... it might 2 or 3 years..." I'll have the exact quote for you in my interview, which I hope to have up tomorrow, but maybe them horses need holdin'. Or maybe he slipped and got an earful from Warners. What do you folks think?

DONOVAN KURTWOOD -> RE: AICT update is concerning!! (24/7/2009 10:58:57 PM)

it was obviously bullshit and Oldman was obviously just having a laugh which everyone fell for.

roberthopkins -> Keaton (24/7/2009 11:08:29 PM)

It should be the Riddler next because no one can surpass Heath Leder's performance surely!? I think Michael Keaton should be asked back to Gotham as said Riddler to show the world what he's made of (his performance in Beetlejuice etc)

lilfizz -> batman 3 (24/7/2009 11:27:30 PM)

even if batman 3 does start filmin next yeer chris nolan has to direct cant see any1 else directin batman the way he does.

**pirate_queen** -> Hell yeah! (24/7/2009 11:37:23 PM)

I love gary oldman even more now for telling us that! It's just such a relief to know that there will be a 3rd, also not sure that johnny depp is needed, I'm not sure he'd be right as riddler. But would love to see riddler, penguin or catwoman in the next one, so excited and it's still years away!!!

adambatman82 -> RE: Keaton (24/7/2009 11:40:48 PM)


ORIGINAL: roberthopkins

It should be the Riddler next because no one can surpass Heath Leder's performance surely!? I think Michael Keaton should be asked back to Gotham as said Riddler to show the world what he's made of (his performance in Beetlejuice etc)

Why The Riddler?

hatebox -> RE: Keaton (25/7/2009 12:35:43 AM)

I'm skeptical until we get something official.

THis kind of rumour was inevitable at comic-con.

boredbluekoala -> HMMM? (25/7/2009 1:10:34 AM)

It's more probable that Oldman was asked to keep his schedule free sometime next year should there be a script ready. But you know how these things go, a brief snippet of info and everyone goes nuts. I thought Chris Nolan was working on something entirely different with DiCaprio.

thepluginbaby -> RE: HMMM? (25/7/2009 1:52:19 AM)

There's going to be a third Batman movie?  Oh snap!  Who's going to be the villain?  Is Johnny Depp going to be the Riddler?

Are we seriously going to go back to this? 

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