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Empire Admin -> Peter Jackson Tells All (24/7/2009 11:54:11 AM)

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strider617 -> Doh! (24/7/2009 11:54:11 AM)

what!!...Jacson reveals he flashed you in the Hotel room or what?....therw was nothing else in this interview that warranted that heading..gonna be tougth for 13 actors that will be playing dwarves !!...hhmmm..nearly finished first draft of script..hhmmm..trailer for Lovely Bones out soon.hhmmm..Where is the News.!!!!

strider617 -> oops.. (24/7/2009 11:58:34 AM)

i feel i must apoligise for my earlier rant..i got it wrong..Jackson 'Tells all ' not 'Reveals all '...oh well...but still there was nothing in the article that made me yell 'whoopee'..we sit and wait, and wait...and wait..c'mon Jackson i love you, but tell us SOMETHING!!!

Richard Fi -> cooking with pete (24/7/2009 1:50:57 PM)

jackson is a tiny bit cookery though. i'm just saying. king kong? really? clerks II did a better retelling of LOTR. BUT ask yourself: why post a negative comment? I JUDGE MYSELF.

rich -> JOINGING (24/7/2009 3:12:44 PM)

They better make Prisoners of the Sun, although Speilberg cleary half inched a number of scenes for Indy 4. For which "crystal balls" would have been a more suitable title.

The_Hat -> All looks good from here (24/7/2009 4:40:03 PM)

I'm no LOTR geekboy, but i have full faith in everything Peter Jackson does. He doesn't seem to have put a foot wrong for at least the last 15 years. Until he shows me otherwise, he is, indeed, the Man.

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