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Empire Admin -> Brand New Trailer For The Book Of Eli (24/7/2009 11:44:57 AM)

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shaunoc -> (24/7/2009 11:44:57 AM)

Good to see Denzel kicking ass again. I heard a rumor before that king Kong ain't got shit on him.

Harry_Knowles_Ver.2 -> (24/7/2009 12:39:31 PM)

Not only does this movie have denzel kicking ass and taking names, but it also has Gary Oldman! As a bad guy! this is going to rock my socks on a biblical level

bigdog1000 -> (24/7/2009 1:17:43 PM)

i likey

Mr Terrific -> RE: (24/7/2009 2:25:00 PM)

Looks interesting and similar to the computer game Fallout.

Interesting to see Denzel in badass mode again.

joanna likes films -> Awesome (24/7/2009 2:28:16 PM)

Wow, has a feel of Terminator here. Denzel is gonna kick ass, major big ass. The cool thing is Gary Oldman and Ray Stevenson is in it too so that makes it very high in my books. I like it so far, totally awesome.

Noelg25 -> Looks the shizzle... (24/7/2009 2:30:02 PM)

Denzel looks like he has back on form...cant wait to see this...

shanewire -> Really really grey (24/7/2009 3:22:40 PM)

Bluehawk -> Fallout 3 (24/7/2009 4:52:44 PM)

Seriously, why don't they just call it Fallout the movie? It's bloody Fallout! Heck, the book of Eli = the G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit), the mcguffin from the first games. Every location in the movie looks exactly like the design from the games, from broken roads, debris hills with cars, the Raiders, the weapons, the mercenaries, the way the bloody buildings are broken...

DeathMag84 -> Denzel (24/7/2009 4:53:30 PM)

Oh yeah, Denzel in the first Hughes brothers movie in 8 years, should be interesting. Hoped to see Mila Kunis in the trailer, but oh well see her in a newer one soon enough.

kenada_woo -> (24/7/2009 7:40:24 PM)

The Hughes Brothers are criminally underrated IMO - loved all their films and they have a great eye (eyes?).

Will be seeing this one.

BLOODSUCKING LEECH -> What about Ray Stevenson? (24/7/2009 9:01:40 PM)

He's not in the trailer and I think he's the main draw, IMO. Anything with Ray--bring it on

fish68 -> RE: Denzel (25/7/2009 9:36:49 AM)

This has been doing my head in since seeing the trailer yesterday. There is no way it is not influenced entirely by Fallout 3!
I thought it was a trailer for Fallout from the towns to the roads and bridges the lighting. I am so confused!

Mr Terrific -> RE: Denzel (25/7/2009 11:23:14 AM)


He's not in the trailer and I think he's the main draw

Of course...he is more well known than Denzel.

fish68 -> Bethesda must be getting some money??! (25/7/2009 2:34:57 PM)

If I made a film about a pixie called Fred who meets a magician called Gandi, who leads him and his slightly camp friends on an adventure through Lower Earth to destroy a bracelet someone would say "Hey that's Lord of the Rings!!!"
Book of Eli is so Fallout 3 that surely Bethesda must be about to cash in, (I know they do have rights to a film version of Fallout 3), If they're not I will take the Hughes brothers to court!

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