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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Prince of Persia Pictures (20/7/2009 5:32:33 PM)

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Mad Dog Tannen -> Take a close look at the poster credits ... (20/7/2009 5:32:33 PM)

... it's all gibberish!

The_Hat -> RE: Take a close look at the poster credits ... (20/7/2009 5:43:29 PM)


ORIGINAL: Mad Dog Tannen

... it's all gibberish!

Maybe it's in Persian?

james riley -> (20/7/2009 5:53:55 PM)

Prince of L.A

CORLEONE -> RE: Take a close look at the poster credits ... (20/7/2009 5:54:43 PM)

I suppose there's a teeny tiny possibility that this might be okay......

hamsolo77 -> (20/7/2009 6:17:49 PM)

Does anyone think this looks terrible?

AYBGerrardo -> Giant fucking Walt Disney logo (20/7/2009 7:07:02 PM)

Eugh eugh eugh get it away get it away!

niallc15 -> Walt Disney... (20/7/2009 8:04:55 PM)

I know technically its a Disney movie, but so was pirates of he carribean and that was a brilliant film.. shame about the sequels.. but yeah this could be as good as the first POTC. Maybe?

cenaris -> I'm impressed (20/7/2009 8:43:40 PM)

I've actually got a bit of hope for this after all. This could be the real deal. They took the prince from the Sands Of Time and mixed him with his look from Warrior Within. Now he's looking just badass.

windsor666 -> RE: (20/7/2009 9:27:29 PM)

no, just you

thepluginbaby -> tisk tisk (20/7/2009 9:31:38 PM)

I just think they've written Prince of Persia in the wrong font.

Brundlesflies -> RE: tisk tisk (21/7/2009 8:08:11 AM)

Not the most inspiring of posters. The one of Gemma Arterton looks more like a perfume ad than a film poster

'Destiny' by Jerry Bruckheimer

steveg66 -> (21/7/2009 8:21:47 AM)

Bloody hell, Gemma Arterton looks good!

Drone -> RE: (21/7/2009 8:31:01 AM)

I'm not sure why, but I have a feeling this may be okay.  By all reasoning it should be awful, but just maybe it will be kinda fun.

... although probably dreadful, unfortunately.

PeterLee -> RE: (21/7/2009 11:49:11 AM)


Does anyone think this looks terrible?

Not terrible - just bad.

OddCinema -> RE: (21/7/2009 12:01:29 PM)

As Maria Schneider probably said - Christ, this is going to be painful.

And Gyllenhaal looks like a 300 rip-off. She probably didn't say that bit.

Phe Phe Lou -> RE: (21/7/2009 1:43:04 PM)

She should do!  Can anyone else say "airbrush"?  Shame.  She's so pretty, she doesn't need to be distorted so badly.

OddCinema -> RE: RE: (21/7/2009 5:23:20 PM)

It's the Photoshop Age, no-one looks natural unless they've been heavily airbrushed. Adobe are already working on an 'offline' version: Adobe Skinshop CS5.

That sounds far worse than I intended...

Hillsman -> Good Looking Cast (24/7/2009 10:09:08 AM)

Probably yet another awful video game adaptation. Have there been any good ones? (I quite liked the first Resident Evil actually).

Anchorman -> (24/7/2009 12:12:34 PM)

why does nobody make a metal gear solid film??? if done right it could be brilliant

Anchorman -> (24/7/2009 12:12:35 PM)

why does nobody make a metal gear solid film??? if done right it could be brilliant

Razorus -> Relax (25/7/2009 2:43:51 AM)

It should be good actually. Pirates of the Caribbean was good and this is being touted as the next "that". The crew sound good, the actors are not bad and it should be a fun magical fantasy adventure. The writer from the game is on it, and the story is an "alternative" one to the Sands of Time on which its based.
But what the hell is up with the font on the posters? No effort to make it "arabesque" at all.

ghulley -> he is not persian (25/7/2009 1:38:45 PM)

just for the americans! Hard to actually market a persian film!

bez -> (26/7/2009 7:36:23 PM)

I hope its good, we need a good movie of a game and this might be it and i haven't seen Jake looking quite so fit. I know airbrush helps but he's still nice not Leonides though!!

JoeyPottr -> RE: (27/7/2009 1:48:08 AM)

Oh boy, Jake Gyllenhaal does not look Persian at all, let alone like the Prince of Persia. Disney's doing this with Bruckheimer? Another Pirates of the Caribbean it's definitely not. [8|]

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