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Empire Admin -> Tudors Creator Adapts Agincourt (16/7/2009 10:12:38 AM)

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Dave25 -> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (16/7/2009 7:32:35 PM)

I actually cheered when I read this, I've read Azincourt and loved it, quite possibly one of the most gritty, realistic accounts of a battle ever! Its also about time BCs books got a big screen outing...now if only they could redo the Sharpe series on a bigger budget......Christian Bale for Richard Sharpe anyone?

English Warbow -> RE: Azincourt (22/2/2011 9:53:58 PM)

Believe it or not the truth is that so far never in the history of film making has the real English Warbow ever been used !

The main reason for this is that film makers don't know that there are a specialist group of archers out there who after years of training can now actually shoot these massive English Warbows of the medieval period which have draw weights of well over 100lb ! No need for special effects for armour piercing, we do it for real...
One of our members even holds and set the guinness world record for fully drawing and shooting a medieval self yew english warbow of 200lbs draw weight !!!
Although we have been studying the subject, specialising and developing our skills over the last 20 years or so...our communication skills have unfortunately so far taken a back seat.

The result of this is that what the public see in films are not authentic representations of the longbows of the period at all...far from it, what you've seen on the big screen so far are only pale imitations of the real English warbow with draw weights of at best only around 50-60lbs :-/ ...at least half the size and power of real medieval bows ! you could compare it somewhat to using air rifles for a WWII film !

So here we are...archers of the English Warbow Society - the only society in the world specifically dedicated to the research and actual use of exact replicas of the Medieval/Tudor English Longbow.

Maybe this will all change with the forthcoming film AZINCOURT based on the book written by Bernard Cornwell.
Mention Azincourt to anyone and the first thing you obviously think of are the legendary English and Welsh archers and their extremley powerful bows...Bernard Cornwell is renowned for his attention to detail and historical accuracy in his writng, lets hope the film makers respect this as this is THE film not to get wrong as far as the historical archery aspect goes, so lets hope for Bernard and for the sake of English and Welsh culture and heritage that this time they get it right...

by all means feel free to support us by a simple friend request on our facebook page 'English Warbow Azincourt' !
or see http://www.myspace.com/poitierswarbows

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