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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: New Alice In Wonderland Pic (14/7/2009 9:15:42 PM)

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nadine94 -> looks good. (14/7/2009 9:15:42 PM)

i must admit, with these pictures the film is looking like it ought to be a gooden. i can't wait to see Johnny Depp play the Mad hatter. i can't wait!

Overmind -> RE: looks good. (14/7/2009 10:37:37 PM)

White gloooowing hot...

Halo14 -> Oh My Goodness!! (15/7/2009 6:12:44 AM)

Oh My Goodness, another Tim Burton movie!! Yay Yay. Oh wow, this looks so hot.... NOT!! I would rather watch paint dry!!!

Drobek -> RE: Oh My Goodness!! (17/7/2009 1:48:45 PM)

Halo14 Judging from your handle, i can only guess. That you are a teen without any concept of, what a good and exciting movie is.
So I think, you should stick to the Game forums, and leave the rest to us grown ups ;)

Now to why i am really here. I have been a fan of Tim Burton for many years, and I donīt think there has been any movies of his, that i have been looking more forward to.
Its gonna be so cool :)

Goddamnitsaveme -> (17/7/2009 5:15:19 PM)

They all look really amazing. I just cant wait for it to come out.
Love love LOVE Johnny!!!!

princemadonna -> SICK OF HBC & JD IN BURTON MOVIES! (18/7/2009 12:19:40 AM)

This looks AMAZING. Tim Burton is my fave director EVER! And I love Alice in Wonderland - it's amazing, but I'm so sick and tired of Johnny Depp (although I adore him) being in ALL of Burtons new movies. I'm even MORE sick of seeing his wife now in every bloody movie! She's doing my head in trying to be all different now. She looks like she has a diformed head in that pic too, why have they given her that?????

MrOrange91 -> (18/7/2009 11:32:13 AM)

Alice looks a bit old?
It might be good though, although it would be hard to tell with all the emo sheep flocking to every cinema when it comes out.

Cookiedough -> Looking forward (19/7/2009 5:22:10 PM)

I can't wait to see HBC and JD in this film. OK, so they are used a lot in Tim Burton's films, but Tim seems to like his muses. Lisa Marie was in lots of Tim's films while they were together and Anne Hathaway seems to be sporting a very familiar look to the one she had...he has a signature style for sure

OddCinema -> RE: Looking forward (21/7/2009 12:33:34 AM)

Oh wow, look at that. A heavily-styled Burton film. Huh. Does it have dialogue, or just Wasikowska and Co. wandering around heavily-styled sets in heavily-styled costumes wearing heavily-styled make-up?


DeanneF -> Alice in Wonderland trailer...... (27/7/2009 12:12:24 PM)

The trailer of the movie Alice in Wonderland was much anticipated and rumors about it are circulating. But now it is finally here! The Alice in Wonderland trailer, for the take on the children's classic by director Tim Burton, is slated to open in 2010. It hasn't been announced when any additional trailers will be released, as this was just the teaser. Alice In Wonderland is a classic children's tale, although many adults adore it, written by mathematician and poet Lewis Carroll. (It's a pen name; his real name was Charles Dodgson.) It's famed for its oddball narrative, but also being laced with mathematical logic. I'll bet you a payday loan in Canada or elsewhere there will be another Alice in Wonderland trailer.

carri3ann3 -> Getting excited (9/8/2009 3:22:13 PM)

I love the Alice in Wonderland books and am really excited that Tim Burton is directing. I think only the likes of Tim &Terry Gilliam could get me excitd about another attaempt at making this film - the book is brilliantly weird.

I really quite like it when directors cast the same actors in their movies especially when they fit his style so well and no one can deny Johnny and Helena do that.

I'm interested to see what he does with Anne Hathaway; although i quite like her I can't quite imagine her in a Tim Burton film

FanaticalAboutFilm -> (23/9/2009 6:19:41 PM)

WOW!!! Pictures look amazing!! Especially Anne Hathaway,she's so beautiful!!

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