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Empire Admin -> The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee (6/7/2009 7:50:13 AM)

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miketang99 -> short reviews (6/7/2009 7:50:13 AM)

Empire need to get their act together! Wolverine gets one of the longest reviews i have seen in a long time whilst being shite and four and five star movies get a mere mention?? WTF??????

i guess that’s why you have the star rating system as you feel your readers must be getting into the twitter generation and don’t want to tire themselves with long laborious reviews and just check the stars for good/bad movies. Trust me the typical wolverine viewer wont even read the review whereas someone who buys and reads empire would probably care about what a four or five star film is about and why it deserves this many stars. ( I am a fanboy of wolvie and would want to watch the film for myself and not read word for word how they have butchered that character)

Is this short style review for 5 star movies indicative of what we have to come from Empire, supposedly the premier movie magazine with the such a good reputation in the movie going community? I guess you have to play to market demographics and “dumb things down” readers today are not what they used to be. When I first started reading “pint of milk” was a great read and the spines were great for obscure quotes. Now its filled with trash you would find in Hello or Zoo magazine with poster mash ups and the like. Please bring some of the old charm of empire back!

Fenwick -> RE: short reviews (7/8/2009 9:00:37 AM)

Oooooookay……. I have a rant of my own. Was looking forward to this movie for about a year, finally saw it last night and although I loved the movie (RWP best movie by a mile if you ask me) it was RUINED by two OAPs talking and ‘whispering’ (and I use that term lightly) about three rows behind. You can imagine my glee at having only 12 other people in the cinema when the lights dimmed. Now I don’t mind people talking over the adverts for Vodafone or Volvic or whatever but Im of the (seemingly lonely) opinion that the trailers are there to be viewed, not to plan you weekend or tell you mate about your latest date, over! But I kept my seething anger at bay until the film finally started (is it just me or is the trailer/ad time getting longer!!). Why is it that some people seem to think that every lull in conversation or scene change in a movie was specifically placed there by the director for the people watching the movie to either clarify what just happened (not exactly rocket science in this movie) or predict what is yet to happen, OR indeed to discuss the popcorn quality (another thing I do have an issue with but that’s for another day). Anyway you get the idea and I know this rant has been had a zillion times but I STILL don’t understand why people who go to the cinema cant just sit there for an hour and a half and enjoy, or not enjoy, what they’ve paid good money to go and see. Are people that starved of stimulation that they have to fidget about for the movies entirety? I don’t know if I’m cut out for going to the cinema anymore – I think in future Ill head to the cinema purely for the Michael Bay type films and keep the ones I actually want to watch, like Pippa Lee, for watching at home………..on my own, in a darkened room…….with headphones………..
For the record, I loved the movie, like I said RWP is all the ‘luminous’ and ‘enchanting’ s that reviews are filled with. The whole cast (and what a cast!!) actually was amazing and the movie was surprisingly funny too! Overall, I’d highly recommend it!

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