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Empire Admin -> Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (1/7/2009 11:28:50 AM)

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grucl -> RE: Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (1/7/2009 12:24:18 PM)

Teacher: "Dinosaurs didn't live at the same time as mammoths!"
Pupil: "Yes they did! I saw it at the movies!"


Ethanial -> It's fun, I guess (1/7/2009 3:01:45 PM)

Some wonderful animation and great 3-D make up for partial moments of unnecesity, I missed the second one, but I'm guessing those two possum fuckers came in then, god, how dire where they. Simon Pegg was awful as he makes a career doing so, Scrat lost his fun with the romance, the only one out unscathed is John Leguzamo, who is hilarious as Sid anyway, here as good as ever.
Fun but meh.

Timmy_Brisby_05 -> RE: Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (1/7/2009 5:02:33 PM)

I can't wait!

dunjatasic -> (3/7/2009 3:12:49 AM)

I saw the film two days ago and it was my first 3d experience. The film was really ok, I can freely say I did like it very much - the gags, the characters, Buck :) But there were some things I dont understand - ( if I count out the insane premis about ice age creatures and world living above dinasour - filled forrest -what the hell??) for example - why would so carring Many let his pregnant gf go to dinasour killing ground for recsuing someone he kinda hates ( Sid) ? And the Diego character was kinda lost and uneccessary in this film - it didn't have a part or point whatsoever due to other introduced characters. And ofcourse, the bad-ass mama T-rex which scares the crap out of audience and than suddenly becomes mellow....ok,ok, it is a animated pic, but still NOT everything is allowed and there ought to be some sturcture which is not so strong here. But I sure can say, it IS fun!

Paul2j -> RE: (4/7/2009 10:05:43 AM)

I was wetting myself with excitement about this, having loved both of the previous Ice Age films. It was still really good, but not as good as the other two (on first viewing anyway). Buck is a very welcome new character, though it's still all about Manny and Ellie for me. Didn't disappoint like Shrek 3 did, wouldn't be too annoyed with an Ice Age 4.


nclowe -> (6/7/2009 1:36:01 PM)

Weakest of the three films but still a great laugh. Saw the 2D version (as refused to pay the extra £1.50 on top of my cineworld card) and didn't feel as though I had missed out on anything by doing so.

lympo -> RE: (7/7/2009 10:13:05 AM)

I watched the 3D version (the lady didn't charge us the extra 1.50!) and thought the second half was much better than the first half.It felt quite awkward in some places, but as soon as Buck came along so did a lot more laughs.[:)]

sumiebeg -> WOW!!! (15/7/2009 6:20:21 AM)

This is absolute glory! Maybe because of the scintilating effects and dazzling camera shots I loved it, but in 2-D, four stars not a bad deal! The movie may lack logic - jurrasic with ice creatures - but the director has put much effort for the visuals. It's a much better effort then Shrek The Third. Waiting for Ice Age 4!

sumiebeg -> WOW!!! (15/7/2009 6:20:22 AM)

This is absolute glory! Maybe because of the scintilating effects and dazzling camera shots I loved it, but in 2-D, four stars not a bad deal! The movie may lack logic - jurrasic with ice creatures - but the director has put much effort for the visuals. It's a much better effort then Shrek The Third. Waiting for Ice Age 4!

FanaticalAboutFilm -> (21/9/2009 1:58:07 PM)

The beginning is really funny and enjoyable, but after the first half an hour I became a bit tired of the jokes.Was thinking of only giving it two stars because of this...Nice,but nothing hilarious.

CIRVIRUS64 -> Gettin' Age-Old Now. (9/10/2009 6:25:25 AM)

Pretty much agree with the reviewer here, the characters are running out of steam, but Pegg's Buck is a welcome and quite hilarious addition.

S1lent B0b -> Weasly Good (26/11/2009 7:47:56 PM)

It's not often you see a threequel that is as good as this. This definitly is up there with the likes of Shrek & Toy Story. The only thing that was a let down were the disappointing scrat bits probably because the ones in Ice Age 2 were awesome......also that other squirrel annoys me. Buck is brilliant though

TheGodfather -> (22/2/2010 10:43:45 PM)

Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
In the third (and final?) part of the Ice Age saga we see our friend meet the titular dinosaurs, wich leads to quite a number of tricky situations of course.
As so often with third parts in a movie saga, the final installment is the least best part here as well. Not as sharp as the previous parts and some characters seem too worn out, even too the irritating.
Fun for a rainy sunday afternoon.


Phubbs -> RE: Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (22/7/2012 6:47:03 AM)

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009, aka Ice Age 3)

Jackpot everybody! the Ice Age franchise started off on a high note of originality and uniqueness but then dipped for the sequel. In my humble opinion this third film is easily the best looking, most exciting and imaginative of the trio by a mile.

Plot isn't exactly original again, this is pretty much a new animated adaptation of classic tales/films 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' and 'The Land Before Time'. All the regular characters are present and correct again including the last addition to the herd...'Ellie'. The idea this time is simply 'Sid' stumbling on some dinosaur eggs, stealing them and trying to raise them as his own (not knowing what they are), getting caught and slothknapped by the mummy T-Rex, taken away underground where the T-Rex lives and the gang following to save him.

This is where we discover a lost world of dinosaurs that is underground beneath the current ice age above, totally stupid yes but its fun. Its not suppose to be taken seriously of course and being a kids animated film the creators can take enormous liberties. I must point out this film is also much better than the previous film in the fact its back to being enjoyable for all, not just the kids. The adults will enjoy the homages to the old adventure flicks which always seem to work well, classic B-movie stuff.

The visuals in this film totally surpass everything before, I really loved the bright colourful world they explore down below. Its really sharp and vivid, bursting with life and ingenuity with many old vintage formulaic creations you would expect for a world like this. Giant carnivorous plants, huge bugs, creeping vines, deep dark void like chasm's, dino skeletons dotted around, lava flows and lots of dino variations which are fun to spot.

The very first action sequence involves 'Diego' chasing down a gazelle type mammal. This short frenzy of a sequence is glorious to watch it really is. The animation clearly shows how far Blue Sky have come creating a virtually seamless wildcat and gazelle in full flow with fur/hair, muscle and displaced flying debris etc...all moving as it should. Its almost too good really.

Another big hit with me was the introduction of new character 'Buck' who is a one eyed weasel. This guy is designed to be an animated 'Jack Sparrow' if you ask me hehe he has all the traits including being somewhat crazy, unpredictable and behaving a little tipsy at times. This character is a great addition to the film and really boosts the laugh levels plus he looks natty too.
Voiced perfectly by Simon Pegg which was a surprise to hear actually, would never have guessed, also unsure if he was trying to impersonate Depp's creation, sounded like it. A complete rip off of another classic character he may be but I guess you could look at it as a homage perhaps.

It is ironic though that in this film the one element that has always been a winner was the subplot for 'Scrat', but not here. In previous films his antics have been the shinning point against the slightly dull main attraction. In this film its the opposite for me, 'Scrat' must contend with a female of his species and compete for the acorn in typical Road Runner vs Wile E. Coyote fashion. Some may still like these little segments but this time round for me it wasn't as good as before, the female character seems to get in the way and you just yearn for 'Scrat' to kick her ass lol!

I suppose it was amusing to see him end up married to her and being driven into depression slowly, only to remember what made him tick in the first place. Its such a shame that again little 'Scrat' doesn't win even though I REALLY wanted him to this time. Annoying flying female squirrel grrr leave our 'Scrat' alone!.

This film wins on all counts really with one amazingly good looking scene after another. I loved the look of the film, how bold and colourful it is with so much creativity, curiosity and how every frame has something happening. The finale is jam packed with excitement which all accumulates with a mega dino battle, must point out that all dinos seen do seem to be based around real species which is cool.

More of an outright boys own adventure this time, still has the humour but leans more towards big event visuals over dialog and in your face emotions. Of course there is still emotion with the birth of 'Peaches' towards the end but its not as heart felt as what we saw in places with the first two films.

This time the main attraction is best whilst 'Scrat' falters somewhat in my opinion. Brilliant comeback after the dismal second adventure and manages to earn a spot within the best CGI animations ever yeh!. Shame 'Buck' didn't stick with the herd as you know there will be another film with a grown up 'Peaches', but that might not be a good thing.

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