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Empire Admin -> Alfred Hitchcock's Movie Cameos (22/6/2009 6:02:14 PM)

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MartyW -> The Best Cameos from the only Master of Suspense. (22/6/2009 6:02:14 PM)

The cameo appearances from the one and only hitchcock are the best! Its fun trying to spot him out in all his films... since then nearly every other director has copied him.... m. night shyamalan, martin scorsese, bryan singer etc.

keef_mac -> (23/6/2009 9:49:54 AM)

I liked the 'cameo' in The Simpsons, when he walks past with the two terriers after the Birds homage in the nursery.

TimEdwards -> (23/6/2009 2:25:34 PM)

An extra 10 points for use of the phrase 'warp-spasm' in #4.

Hail Danu!

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