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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Final Transformers 2 Poster (3/6/2009 6:14:15 PM)

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Ethanial -> I'm just photoshopping those two (3/6/2009 6:14:15 PM)

And it looks more like they were in my image than that.

Gabriel -> No swords, no motorcycle... (3/6/2009 6:51:43 PM)

Think you're describing a different poster there. And besides,

Ethanial -> Wait! (3/6/2009 7:08:33 PM)

Shia looks like he's about to swing from more trees, when did they take that photo?

chrishall -> RE: Wait! (3/6/2009 8:47:48 PM)

Terrible poster IMO.

Looks like a bad photoshop job.....

evildave69 -> (3/6/2009 9:49:11 PM)

Bag o' crap.
And yeah, where are the big swords?

Brighton Benson -> False Advertising... (3/6/2009 9:49:11 PM)

No fighting, no swords, no Fox on a bike....

What poster are you guys looking at, because it's not the same as the one we are.

GAmbrose -> (3/6/2009 10:25:39 PM)

They are just describing the film, not the poster...hence "the FILM features..."

jamesenscene -> Bad Poster. (3/6/2009 11:20:30 PM)

Sorry, but this poster looks almost as bad as the first film itself.

Jasper -> RE: Exclusive: Final Transformers 2 Poster (4/6/2009 1:21:48 AM)


ARmy2510 -> (4/6/2009 4:11:02 AM)

O crap...

steveg66 -> (4/6/2009 9:19:44 AM)

Gagging for this film (and not just Megan Fox!). The preview at the MTV film awards was great. When's Empire going to review it? They're normally early with the blockbusters.

Eyeshield21 -> Avoid this poster (4/6/2009 10:14:51 AM)

I really don't like this poster. I rather prefer the previous one. But I still waiting for the film to come out.

The Tingler -> Oh, Prime and Bumblebee again... good. (4/6/2009 12:38:17 PM)

Seriously, am I only the one who wants the Decepticons featuring more on these posters? Or who wants more than just two Transformers on? Wouldn't a poster with ALL of them on just be a must-buy?

Sparkykelly69 -> Poster Craptimus Prime (4/6/2009 3:02:27 PM)

Is this just the worst/cheapest looking poster, ever.
It kinda reminds me of the shite new animated transformers cartoon.
Between that cartoon & this poster ,someone has defo spent all their pocket money making this shite.....just release the film for crunchies sake, it all will be forgiven, otherwise if we have to keep staring at that poster any longer it will put me right of going to see the film....

aussietrooper20 -> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT (6/6/2009 1:29:56 PM)

I think it should have had the decepticons at the far end, like devastator, and some more Autobots in the front.

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