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Empire Admin -> Robert Evans To Make UFO Film (21/5/2009 11:03:39 AM)

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Taz69 -> Kid Notorious (21/5/2009 11:03:39 AM)

Keep the theme tune and the chicks in puple wigs and silver suits.

dididave -> Hair,,,,,,, (21/5/2009 11:53:18 AM)

Keep Commander Strakers hair style!
Also let's hope SHADO space fighters have more than one shot!!!

zpider242 -> Great......but (21/5/2009 1:34:39 PM)

Has potential. Let's hope they don't f*ck it up like like Frakes did with my other childhood favourite, Thunderbirds.

chewynewyork -> You never know (21/5/2009 3:44:11 PM)

There is no way to know how many gems of cinema are out there to enjoy, and even though I have never heard of the series, I am intrigued. Worth a look. Love the alien movies, no doubt, but it better be good enough to stand alone among the recent blockbusters, or fade into the land of Wesley Snipes and Rutger Hauers.

dididave -> Check it......... (21/5/2009 4:15:11 PM)

Check it out on youtube Chewey.
Great series from the Andersons-no strings attached!!!

dididave -> Check it......... (21/5/2009 4:29:16 PM)

Check it out on youtube Chewey.
Great series from the Andersons-no strings attached!!!

ROTGUT -> KILL STRAKER!!!! (21/5/2009 6:57:32 PM)

Or rather.......kill the hollywood morons who screw this one up!
GodDAMN but Thunderbirds was crap!!!! Jonathan Frakes should stick to directing Star Trek....

andyoliver99 -> Ayshea Brough, I hardly knew ye... (21/5/2009 7:10:19 PM)

As a kid I absolutely loved UFO, it was the first thing I ever saw on a colour television. Wow, the purple wigs, the green liquid in the aliens helmets that obscured their faces, the silver jumpsuits and Peter Gordeno's string vest. The fact that logic took a backseat never worried me back then - like the curious idea of the moonbase interceptors only having one massive missile to fire, or why the girls had purple hair or, indeed, why Peter Gordeno was always wearing a string vest? The 70's were much simpler times when the likes of Ayshea Brough, Anouska Hempel and Gabrielle Drake's characters could be the love interests of the hugely unattractive male leads like Ed Bishop and George Sewell and you could believe that gull-wing doors were the future of automotive transport.

I guess what I'm saying is that although I loved the series as a kid, I ain't about to get all precious about it and if they can pull a watchable movie out it, count me in. If they can't, well it wouldn't be the end of the world....just don't go near Marine Boy, y'hear!

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