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Empire Admin -> Mummy Returns, The (19/1/2006 3:04:55 PM)

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rudeboy -> RE: Mummy Returns, The (19/1/2006 4:38:58 PM)

The Mummy was fun, but this commits the cardinal sin of any dumb action movie of being not only dumb but boring as hell.  And John Hannah gives one of the worst performances in recent memory.

CURIOUS_GEORGE -> RE: Mummy Returns, The (19/1/2006 5:40:44 PM)

I actually liked this film. 3 Stars.

Movie Dude -> RE: Mummy Returns, The (20/1/2006 1:27:54 AM)

dumb entertainment. fun.

Seth -> (12/10/2006 4:28:11 PM)

There is nothing here not to like! I thought that I loved the first one but this sequel is far, far better. What do you mean its boring when there arnt special effects?! the one liners are hysterical! The action is brilliant the plot is GENIUS (what with the visions and stuff) and its most definitely not a rehash of the first. Real feal good fun.

jimibadboi7 -> (22/7/2008 6:19:24 PM)

CACK!!! watch the far superior original!!!!!

!xHoTRoDx! -> Not as good as the first... (19/3/2009 11:27:43 AM)

...but it's not bad. The cast from the original give what they promise and the action, though OTT at times, is cracking to watch. This sequel follows some of the footsteps left by the first by showing the audience pure entertainment. And I think those are good enough reasons to watch the film...and the young boy who plays Alex is surprisingly watchable, unlike the egyptian whore can't even spell the fucking name!

monkeyhumour -> Shotguns! Mummy Monkeys! (4/8/2010 4:09:55 AM)

This is the whip cracking adventure that I hold the closest.

Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz are freakin awesome in it
Great film from my childhood, gotta watch again sometime

the film man -> The Mummy Returns Review (19/12/2011 2:25:18 PM)

The special effects are impressive, but its excessive use gives the movie a detached, artificial feel. As such, the characters seems secondary to the computer generated imagery, and they lose much of the charm they had in the first movie. Also, with so many story elements borrowed from other movies, this Mummy feels like a retread.

Phubbs -> RE: Mummy Returns, The (11/4/2012 6:27:55 AM)

The one thing I can say about this sequel straight away is kudos for the continuity, Sommers has managed to gather all the original cast to carry on and this does wonders for an otherwise very average film. Usually you tend to see the odd character played by someone else which always looks poor in my eyes.

Any who we kick off again with more nasty villains after treasure and power which we all know will end in tears...and probably some kind of horrible face melting death, there I go with my 'Indy' comparisons again. This time we have the combination of Imhotep back for more punishment with his reincarnated love, the Scorpion King which doesn't really serve much purpose other than to give 'The Pebble'....I mean 'The Rock' a spin off franchise and a small group of nasty well spoken cads led by British thesp Alun Armstrong.

The main problem with this follow up is thus, they gave the now happily married heroes a son as baggage, this of course automatically equals a much kiddie friendly film with allot more slapstick, dumb humour and much much less horror. Of course the first film did very well so you can't blame them for opening up the film for an even wider audience but of course they lose allot of integrity and faith from the more mature fans. I should really point out that they take the Indy comparisons a bit too far by actually dressing all the villains henchmen in the same type of costumes as in 'Temple of Doom'....really that was the last Indy thing I swear.

The entire film is much more of a cgi show this time around, that wouldn't be an issue but the cgi really has not dated well, even less so than the original film, hell even at the time this cgi wasn't too good. Add to this allot more over the top action which becomes too silly, terrible bluescreen shots, a laughable effort at a cgi scorpion cross 'The Rock' monster and almost the same sequences shot for shot from the first film in places...did I mention the horrific cgi?

Yes you get what you pay for here, you want more ludicrous mummy blasting action? you got it, you want action figure characters all dressed in desert coloured attire spouting the most idiotic, state the obvious exposition dialog? look no further. Unfortunately like many blockbuster sequels they just get carried away and completely lose your suspension of disbelief. Can't complain too much as you know exactly what to expect from this and it doesn't pretend to be anything else, personally I think it was just a poor glossy rehash which is more cartoon than film. The final 20min as the action all comes together is one of the biggest cgi messes I've seen ever, everything looks really very clearly artificial, but hey the Egypt setting was an enjoyable ride.

JohnChard -> RE: Mummy Returns, The (24/3/2013 11:00:35 PM)

It's the same film! Even Fraser said so, they just remade the first film.

It's still a bunch of fun, mind, the Pygmies running across the bridge scene cracks me up every time.

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