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Empire Admin -> Cameron Crowe's Top 10 Music Moments (6/5/2009 3:31:43 PM)

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akeating74 -> Where is the Dude? (6/5/2009 3:31:44 PM)

What about Hotel California by The Gypsy Kings in The Big Lebowski? Not even an honourable mention...

freddie205 -> He obviously can't inculde the best of all without coming off as a tit... (6/5/2009 4:41:27 PM)

The best of all was Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous. Which was created by him...

mikejones144 -> (6/5/2009 4:46:21 PM)

Was he referring to Wise Up from Magnolia? Because as far as I can remember, Save Me was over the end credits.
Say Anything also has great music moments. The boombox scene is obviouslty great, but the scene in the car is what makes that my favourite film ever.

scruffylooking -> Dude (6/5/2009 5:10:55 PM)

Totally agree that at least one Lebowski track should be in there but I'd go for Kenny Rogers' "what condition my conditon was in". Good call on Tiny Dancer.

Love Tenenbaums but Anderson uses music best in the Life Aquatic. The Sigur Ros tune when they find the Jaguar shark - absolutely beautiful - as well as Ping Lightning Strike and Search and Destroy over Bill Murray's whoop-ass on the Philippino pirates.

GFoley83 -> Ehh, that's not Cameron Crowe in that picture (6/5/2009 5:22:49 PM)

It's Jonathan Woss!

The Joker -> Superfly (6/5/2009 7:25:05 PM)

Not a particular favourite of mine but if we're talking about the perfect marriage of music and cinema then I have to say that 1972's Superfly soundtrack composed by Curtis Mayfield definitley deserves a mention. Most notably the song 'Pusherman'

for the Curtis Mayfield appearance

for the montage sequence (the song starts at 2 mins in)

roundeyeblues -> @mikejones144 (7/5/2009 4:26:18 PM)

Yeah, you're right Mike. He definitely means Wise Up. That woulda been my #1 moment. Utterly heartbreaking and that song has been a favourite of mine ever since. Another fantastic one is Lines by Okkervil River in In Search Of A Midnight Kiss. If you ever needed a crushingly despondent song for a moodshift in a film, Okkervil River have a wealth of them to choose from. Perfect song, perfect film.

matty103 -> (7/5/2009 4:33:54 PM)

Good List, shame that Born Slippy didn't make iit. One problem though is that in Magnolia, the characters sing Wise Up while Save Me is played at the end. Just thought you'd like to know.

ahunter5 -> Saturday Night Fever! (8/5/2009 6:04:29 AM)

I'm stunned that Stayin' Alive wasn't listed. That was a great scene with Travolta strutting to the music...

AntiPulse -> Resovoir Dogs! (8/5/2009 10:32:46 AM)

Some great choices; I was very pleased "Singing in the Rain" got a mention. But how about the torture scene in Resovoir Dogs? An ingenious way to really add the extra dimension to Mr. Blond's madness. Love it!

Giles83 -> My personal favs (8/5/2009 11:19:03 AM)

1. Born Slippy - Underworld / Trainspotting
2. Belfast - Orbital / Human Traffic
3. Confusion - New Order / Blade
4. Where is my mind - Pixies / Fightclub
5. Hearts on Fire - John Cafferty - Rocky 4 (is there a better training song out there?)
6. Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone / Top Gun (everything the film is:cheesy, ott, very 80's & fun)
7. Burning Bridges - The Mike Curb Congregation / Kellys Heroes
8. Who wants to live forever - Queen / Highlander
9. Your the best - Joe Esposito / The Karate Kid
10. Don't you forget about me - Simple Minds / The Breakfast club

I could go on all day but those are the ones that spring to mind and every time I hear them I can picture the scene in the film. There's a lot of 80's cheese in there but I grew up in the 80's and loved the music of the time. Don't get me wrong I love Led Zepp, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Joy Divison, Stone Roses, Oasis, Blur, CCR, The Beach Boys and a lot of other acclaimed artists but the songs I mentioned always remind me of particular scenes hence there inclusion.

rick_7 -> The Long Day Closes and Listen to Britain (8/5/2009 12:12:53 PM)

Great, GREAT article. Enlightening, insightful and broad in scope.
Two of my favourites:
The Long Day Closes: Terence Davies' 11-year-old alter ego, Bud, wrestling with guilt and tormented by loneliness, walks along his grey, deserted street. Leaning over a stairwell, he lifts his arms and begins to swing from a bar. The lush strings of Debbie Reynolds' 'Tammy' start to soar, as the camera moves slowly, majestically, over the boy and, next, the rooms that rule his life: school, church and cinema.
The way Humphrey Jennings uses 'Round the Back of the Arches' (by Flanagan and Allen) in Listen to Britain is remarkable. It's concert footage, with the pair singing in a wartime canteen; Jennings' perfect eye picks out those singing along in a mere whisper, a man smoking and smiling, and the bustle of business as usual. Extraordinary.

tha gaffer -> jimmy???? (8/5/2009 12:28:37 PM)

sunshine of your love by cream in goodfellas of course!!!! Bar scene with robert de niro

cassaro44 -> mad world? (8/5/2009 6:00:44 PM)

how about mad world at the end of donnie darko? gives me chills every time

a_is_for_alex -> (8/5/2009 9:50:21 PM)

Lots of people have suggested Stuck In The Middle With You from Reservoir Dogs already I see, that's an obvious one! I would have included The Big Lebowski's Just Dropped In, or the Hotel California moment with Jesus! And also one of my favourites, In The Waiting Line by Zero 7 in Garden State, I think that's a fantastic scene!

krsone9692 -> two other good ones.. (8/5/2009 11:11:47 PM)

Two other great ones are movie openings. Who could forget The End by The Doors in the beginning of Apocalypse Now??
And the Circle of Life in the opening to The Lion King. Beautiful scene...

Steve Reisteter -> Casablanca (9/5/2009 6:16:04 AM)

My favorite music moment in a film is from the 1942 classic “Casablanca.” No, it doesn’t have anything to do with “As Time Goes By.” It’s the scene where a group of Nazis are loudly singing "Die Wacht Am Rhein” in Rick’s Cafe Americain. After hearing them, an infuriated Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid) drowns them out by leading the band and most of the patrons in the most stirring rendition of “La Marseillaise” that I’ve ever heard. It’s a wonderful, symbolic defeat of Nazism.

incrowd -> 'She Smiled Sweetly / Ruby Tuesday' (9/5/2009 9:29:09 AM)

Nice article, some great choices - - and I usually abhor lists.
I loved that Stones moment from 'Royal Tenenbaums'. 'Between The Buttons' has long been my favorite Stones record.
So very pleased that mention was made in the article of the 're-sequencing' of the album tracks in that scene. A small detail, but important to those who know.
As tickled as I was to see that vinyl LP show up in the movie - - with the red 'mono' copy label, no less - - geek that I am, hearing the wrong song come up as the record played was jarring and nearly ruined things for me.

A couple of other cinematic music moments that spring to mind:

- KIng Curtis' live cover of 'Whiter Shade of Pale' in 'Withnail & I'

- Abbey Lincoln singing 'For All We Know' in 'Drugstore Cowboy'

- Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again' in the last moments of 'Dr. Strangelove'

knoxyc -> Wise Up - Magnolia (9/5/2009 8:03:02 PM)

It's Wise Up that the cast sing in Magnolia, not Save Me...Fool.

ballroom_pink -> Whiter Shade of Pale (9/5/2009 10:20:06 PM)

I am astonished that CC didn't think of the King Curtis (Live) version of "Whiter Shade of Pale" from Withnail & I. It perfectly introduces the film. He made some rather nice choices but to forget that live version is unforgivable.

Probable Muppet -> Little Miss Sunshine Intro (10/5/2009 8:24:56 AM)

Great list. I would have liked to see Devotchka - How It Ends from the intro of 'Little Miss Sunshine'. Too bad that it was cheapened some by those Gears of War Ads.

KateJ123 -> How to Make an American Quilt - The Diver (10/5/2009 11:45:27 AM)

Carter Burwell's "The Diver" score from How to Make an American Quilt is probably one of the most powerful moments in film, for me. The movie was good, not necessarily great but the score for the entire film was a masterpiece. When you see Sophia finally get back on the diving board at her elderly age, having realized finally what she'd done to her life, it was such a hugely powerful moment that you almost can't help but feel the regret of a wasted life right along with her. Just thinking about her sequence in the film gives me goosebumps.

TinCans -> Back to the Future? (10/5/2009 9:12:30 PM)

Yes, of course, the two Huey Lewis & The News songs are great... but come on, Earth Angel/Johnny B. Goode? That duo of songs help make the climax as exciting as it is... The smooth, soft, beautiful Earth Angel forces you to fall in love with the romance George and Lorraine have and are celebrating with a dance, so you're even more devastated when the geeky best friend from "Can't Buy Me Love" shoves George away... but all the cheesy stuff gets shattered away by Marty rocking the dance and completely forgetting where he is with "Johnny B. Goode." That's also the moment where, after all the story that's happened, Robert Zemeckis reminds us who Marty McFly is at heart: a high school kid who's just trying to have a little fun and rock out!

lesrpm -> EMPIRE RECORDS - "Sugar High" (11/5/2009 12:51:14 AM)

Empire Records climaxes with a rooftop concert given by Coyote Shivers. A record store employee, Renee Zellwegger, gets her moment of fame as she sings the last verse of "Sugar High". Her enthusiastic performance trumps every other song on this list. If Empire Records is not on your list of best Rock 'n' Roll movies, then you never saw it.

max314 -> (11/5/2009 2:18:26 AM)

He looks like Jonathan Ross.

This is the extent of my contribution this day.

Danielzd -> Correction (11/5/2009 5:09:42 AM)

Attention guys, just a minor correction: Cucurucucu Paloma is originally performed by Caetano Veloso, inclusively shown in the movie.

postgrape -> Far, far too many to choose from (12/5/2009 10:04:31 AM)

I see why Cameron's list spilled over. Sometimes music and film just work together a little too well.... Bill Murray's strained rendition of Roxy Music's "More Than This" in Lost In Translation springs to mind (along with My Bloody Valentine's "Sometimes" as her taxt rolls through Tokyo)... The docking sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey of course.... Britt Ekland's siren song in The Wicker Man... Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" bracketing Fincher's Zodiac... Dean Stockwell lip-synching to Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" in Blue Velvet (so oddly sinister)... the utterly inexplicable inclusion of "The Locomotion" in Inland Empire... most scenes of Dazed & Confused... the list really does just go on...

matty103 -> Donnie Darko (12/5/2009 11:49:38 AM)

Just remembered. 'Mad World' by Micheal Andrews played at the end of Donnie Darko. A brilliant and sad song that fits in well with the movies tone. How the f*ck did we miss this?

nybras -> Once (12/5/2009 5:17:47 PM)

Was the worse film ever made in Ireland, absolute muck!

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