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Empire Admin -> Deadpool Spin-Off On Its Way (6/5/2009 8:02:17 AM)

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roryb -> (6/5/2009 8:02:17 AM)

Best Idea long as they don't fuck up his powers like in wolverine.....Deadpool is the best character ever....and deserves justice....and Reynolds is perfect for the role

zimo5 -> Then Don't make it (6/5/2009 8:05:22 AM)

If your going to make a Deadpool film (despite how piss poor he was handeled In The Wolverine film) Then have him like he is in the comics, I'm sure Ryan Renyold wouldn't mind being masked for a film. Plus that was one of the biggest problems in Judge Dredd when old Sly couldn't help but continuously show his face.

sam_stewart -> RE: Deadpool Spin-Off On Its Way (6/5/2009 8:25:39 AM)

I don't know why people think they ruined deadpool's abilities in Wolverine Origins, Weapon XI was a clone of deadpool's body everyone can relax. By the way this is the best news ever!!! 

Noelg25 -> Hmmm (6/5/2009 8:29:38 AM)

You think they might include other mutants in this one too? Let's just hope they can at least stick to the comics true nature of having Deadpool talk to the audience cos that would be interesting :)

crazymoviesdude -> (6/5/2009 8:48:54 AM)

I'm happy.

Kilo_T_Mortal -> Cable and Deadpool (6/5/2009 9:02:03 AM)

They should do cable and deadpool, they are just a great double act, loads of x-men character tie ins, ectf

Ghidorah -> RE: (6/5/2009 9:04:55 AM)

Like Dare Devil, Wolverine will get it own Elektra. Fantastic stuff Fox.[:@]

D-ToX -> About Deadpool (6/5/2009 9:05:33 AM)

Relating to the SPOILER mentioned in the topic, do not read if you have not seen the movie!

First of all this is the best news and to be honest it was always going to happen as he was easily the best thing in the movie.

SPOILER related follows:

This has been pissing me off for a while, anyone that knows anything about Deadpool would also know that he has been killed several times yet still comes back.

Maybe a little bit of research is in order here Empire? I am sure that a quick glance at Wikipedia would help you out!

Eddy rowe -> Hell yeah (6/5/2009 9:19:05 AM)

At last a comic book movie that will have a brilliant character base to build on. No complicated story lines or loss of memory just a crazy guy eith guns and two katana blades strapped to his back. Just make sure he BREAKS THE FOURTH WALL!!!!!!!

Eddiebaby23 -> good idea! (6/5/2009 10:17:01 AM)

i think the only way to do this is an origins story. Because if you had a follow on from Wolverine, you could get clogged up with the X-Men story lines. Where would Deadpool fit in with the Xavier/Magneto war etc...

CORLEONE -> RE: good idea! (6/5/2009 10:20:03 AM)

Good news. With the addition of the "breaking of the 4th wall" this should be very interesting. And yeah, Reynold's is perfect casting.

JimKing75 -> Top Stuff! (6/5/2009 10:24:06 AM)

Loving the Reynolds - after having been wasted in not one, but two, Marvel movies, RR finally getting his own movie is great news - but I suspect that they will lose the comic book costume.

Rickie.Littlewood -> (6/5/2009 11:22:14 AM)

Best thing I've heard since I found out Samual L Jackson was gonna be Nick Cage.

ROTGUT -> ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ........ (6/5/2009 11:24:53 AM)

Ryan Reynolds? Deadpool? Yaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnn!!!!!

Snake-Eyes -> woop-de-doo. (6/5/2009 11:36:24 AM)

wow. I'm just ejaculating with excitement. this will be the most amazing, original action film ever made. I can't wait.

HarryHavoc -> Hate to say it but, (6/5/2009 11:48:24 AM)

little tired of these "spin off" movies,
Wolverine was good but a line needs to be drawn surely?

Although the love for reynolds has been strong since hannibal king and he was spot on with Dead Pool but can hollywood please stop making the obvious and make a movie which doesnt entail riding on the back of singers success?

AgentOfChaos -> Can't wait! (6/5/2009 11:57:41 AM)

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect person to play the Merc With The Mouth. Since his potrayal of Hannibal King, I knew he could pull off the wisecracking. Hopefully he'll break the fourth wall, and address the audience, which *SPOILER ALERT* He does in one of the post credit scenes where he winks at the camera and shushes the audience.*END OF SPOILER*. Obviously they won't put him in his comic attire, but something to show Reynolds' face. Please don't mess this up Fox!!!

bronco3114 -> Good idea but... (6/5/2009 12:18:40 PM)

It needs to be (cliche warning) re-booted mainly so it can be disassocicated from the god aweful Wolverine "Origins" film which managed to X-Men 3 look half decent and above all given an appropriate rating and aimed at an appropriate audience i.e. Adults (not every character's intended to be family friendly). I honestly think the whole X-Men universe needs to be left alone for a while and then it can be re-visted and given a new spin when the taste of the last couple of efforts have been washed away much in the same way Nolans Batmans have from Joel Schumachers.

grucl -> RE: Can't wait! (6/5/2009 12:19:09 PM)

So because Wolverine didn't sink completely at the box office FOX/Marvel pull out all the stops on their spin-off projects? Make me think...


bronco3114 -> RE: Hate to say it but, (6/5/2009 12:29:49 PM)


ORIGINAL: HarryHavoc

little tired of these "spin off" movies,
Wolverine was good but a line needs to be drawn surely?

Although the love for reynolds has been strong since hannibal king and he was spot on with Dead Pool but can hollywood please stop making the obvious and make a movie which doesnt entail riding on the back of singers success?

Singers success!? X-Men 1 wasn't great, that it wasn't terrible wasn't what I'd call an unqualified success. While X-Men 2 was a pretty decent I don't think even that escaped mainstream critisim from the majority of objective X-Men fans. So we can discount the dozens if not hundreds of X-Men universe characters then? I just wish Wolveriene had not been made as such a cynically commercial enterprise to squeeze in as many mostly non or tenuously relevant characters presumably for marketing, spin off and merchanising purposes.

vivlitherland -> (6/5/2009 12:33:25 PM)

wow...the x-men milking has begun.

nclowe -> (6/5/2009 12:33:47 PM)

Brilliant news! Would much rather watch this than yet another film about Wolverine.

mccallf -> (6/5/2009 1:09:23 PM)

Would scott adkin be in this as well seen as he played the Deadpool bit at the end of wolverine, not reynolds as people keep mistakenly saying? two actors for one character

griffa -> (6/5/2009 1:51:12 PM)

The film would be cool if it was about deadpool hunting down all manner of mutant, new and existing

Romarth -> This is the best news I've heard in a long time (6/5/2009 2:52:27 PM)

I'm pretty excited about this! But Wolverine was pretty bad, so a new direction would be very much appreciated...

pulpfaction06 -> (6/5/2009 2:55:23 PM)

I think it'd be brilliant if Ryan Reynolds came back as Deadpool, what they did to the character completely ruined the experience for me - not that Wolverine was a particular "good" film - and i have to wonder as far as Wolverine is concernced: coudn't they have just made something up, why was Wade such a good candidate, considering that the character was bestowed with all those powers, anyways, if they do a spin off i can only hope they'll ignore X-Men origins. pretend it didn't happen, or get rid of him having all those powers.

BenDarko -> STOP!! (6/5/2009 3:18:56 PM)

Whats point of making this crap spin-off flims all the time there pumping these things out all the time. Iam a big comic and film fan please stop making CRAP PLEASE!!!

crimebusterofthesea -> (6/5/2009 3:38:27 PM)

I am for this purely because it's Ryan Reynolds. He deserves only good things. And hopefully this will be one.

purplefacedmonkey -> RE: (6/5/2009 4:07:56 PM)

First of all, I don't see why everyone is moaning about spin offs. Deadpool is a character in his own right and has his own comic, just like most other Marvel characters. They all come from the same universe, so of course they are all going to be linked, it doesn't mean every Marvel movie is a "spin off" as such. I guess it fits the definition, but for me that's like saying The Hobbit is a "spin off" from LOTR.

Having said that, I was looking forward to a Deadpool movie until Fox bent him over and violated him at the end of Wolverine. I say scrap whatever link Deadpool had with X-Men Origins, or at least write a believable retconn to distance the character from the monstrosity that was Weapon XI.

And you think they will have him unmasked? Unlikely if they DO continue the story after XO:W, since his face is heavily scarred (as in the comics, glad they got something right) and therefore Reynolds' face will buried under prosthetics anyway.

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