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Empire Admin -> Hesher (1/5/2009 5:35:42 PM)

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Bighousewill -> (29/2/2012 6:27:51 PM)

Hesher is basically an early Simpsons character.

Artificial Luddite -> Stinks Worse Than Hesher's Soiled Underpants (27/4/2012 1:32:34 PM)

Hesher is not a good film. Hesher is a bad film.

This is both saddening and surprising when considering the decent cast and interesting plot which had a lot of potential. Paul (a bearded and despondent Rainn Wilson wallowing in his depression and filth) and son TJ (impressive newcomer Devin Brochu) are struggling to deal with the loss of wife and mother when in moves Hesher (Gordon-Levitt complete with long greasy hair and moronic tattoos) resulting in hilarious consequences. Oh wait. There are no jokes.

So is it a drama? Not really. Sure there are some pretty heavy themes like death and bullies and unrequited love and more death, but the absurd titular character is too ludicrous to ever allow the dramatic elements to take hold.

So maybe it’s a black comedy? Not so much. Having an outrageous character trying to be funny and acting out alongside serious issues does not make a dark comedy. There is no subtlety or wit or realism in Hesher.

Wilson is decent enough at acting like a hopeless slob and it doesn’t take long to stop looking at him as Dwight from The US Office. Portman is as charming as ever as an impoverished shop-clerk struggling to get by. Brochu probably does the best out of all as TJ. Horrendously bullied at school and traumatised from his mother’s death, he is utterly convincing and does more than get the viewers sympathy.

And then there is Gordon-Levitt. Hesher himself. I cannot begin to understand what attracted him to this script or awful character. Maybe he was still on a mental high from working with Christopher Nolan, but that is still no excuse for acting as this pitiless and irritating buffoon in an ultimately mismanaged affair that struggles with its own identity.

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