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Empire Admin -> Drop Dead Fred (1/5/2009 3:41:32 PM)

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FilmFanatik -> DDF (24/8/2009 11:30:55 AM)

To remake this movie you'd have to be totally stupid or insane. Or both! You CANNOT improve on the fantastically manic (and pure genius) performance of THE Rik Mayall! And to choose Russell Brand of all people?!! Lee Evans would have been BY FAR a better choice!

richie fingers -> (26/4/2010 8:39:47 PM)

am i the only one who thinks russle brand is shit?

ChrisHewittSucks -> Stupid (27/5/2010 8:11:08 AM)

I just read about this crappy idea of a remake. The original (despite what the moron Chris Hewitt thinks) is a terrific movie, and this Russell Brand douche (Chris thinks he's cute) will total ruin what only Rik Mayall made marvelous.

DOWN with the remake. And DOWN with Chris Hewitt's idiot opinions of Rik Mayall and Drop Dead Fred.

Drop Dead Chris.

Hamsterwalt -> (5/6/2010 2:33:46 PM)

Okay i have had enough for one thing DDF did not need a remake,another thing alright Russell Brand your a funny guy but your not an actor so give up while your ahead and Finally you cant replace the almighty Rik Mayall as much as u try so fuck this film and Russell Brands acting

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