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Empire Admin -> Hansel & Gretel Are Back (30/4/2009 7:45:01 AM)

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tallaght24 -> Just be careful. (30/4/2009 7:45:01 AM)

Not everything Ferrell does is cinema gold. Night At The Roxbury anyone?

JS -> (30/4/2009 11:08:54 AM)

Doesn't Hansel become a witch hunter in the Fables comics too? If so, it's not quite that bizarre as a premiss.

Jack'sSmirkinRevenge -> Forget Gretel... (30/4/2009 12:47:25 PM)

Just do a film about Hansel. He's so hot right now.

Jack'sSmirkinRevenge -> Forget Gretel... (30/4/2009 1:19:01 PM)

Stupid double post

Gabriel -> RE: Forget Gretel... (30/4/2009 2:10:14 PM)


ORIGINAL: Jack'sSmirkinRevenge

Just do a film about Hansel. He's so hot right now.

Ha Ha Ha!! Have nothing to say about the movie but had to commend you on that :)

eoghan mac -> Fables (30/4/2009 2:52:18 PM)

JS is right that's kind of the plot in Fables but I think their making a pilot t.v series of that so that could raise all kind of hell. Or not. I have no idea what kind of affect it could have.

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