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elab49 -> Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (27/4/2009 2:46:33 PM)

Actors and Auteurs can be roughly broken down into the following categories

-         discussion of a particular actor/director and their body of work
-         'versus' threads, e.g, Arnie vs Sly
-         Favourite/Best film/director/writer/character threads and polls
-         General discussion of actors and directors, plural.

We also have a sub-forum for drool-filled posts on your particular Object of Desire.

We encourage posters to use existing threads on their particular interest rather than starting a new one. So feel free to restart discussions, post new views and update for current work to save you splitting discussions over several threads.

This will take a while to update fully but feel free to add advice/comments etc.


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Christian Bale
Russell Brand
Halle Berry
Michael Biehn
Cate Blanchett
Gary Busey
Bruce Campbell
John Candy
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey
John Cusack
Miley Ray Cyrus
Faye Dunaway
Danny Dyer
Johnny Depp
Ricky Gervais
Jeff Goldblum
Joseph Gordon –Levitt
Seth Green
Maggie Gyllenhahl
Tom Hanks
Anne Hathaway
Pat Hingle
Dustin Hoffman
James Hong
Dennis Hopper
Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Keira Knightley
Thomas Kretschmann
Shia LeBoeuf
Heath Ledger
Bruce Lee
Lindsay Lohan
Steve Martin
Paul Newman
Jack Nicholson
Ellen Page
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Renee Zellweger


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Arnie vs Stallone – Poll
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Anne Hedley -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (14/8/2009 8:08:47 PM)

Hello Guys and Dolls

It Anne  after a very long time I know but the world has not been too kind to me and life is very sad at present so I am trying to throw myself back into the places I enjoyed so much [:)]

In the actors Auteurs Index Thread I do not see the name of Hugh Jackman [I am the nutty dame who thinks he is the most talented actor we have to day and onward....................oops

This post I am replying to is dated 2005 can you tell me why I am not picking up current data and yes I am intersted in the rest of the  the other section but my memory aint so hot so can you guide me back to Home. 

Nice note when I had an accident and went to see Hugh Jackman with my crutches, broken and hip - yes it HURT Empire cinemas treated me like a queen and sat just where the best seat was..............

Please let me know

Thank you   - make a n old lady happy [:D]

elab49 -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (14/8/2009 8:48:18 PM)

Hi Anne

The thread isn't an automatic pick-up (and it is dated 2009 not 2005!), just something I'm updated in my spare time.

The easiest way to find your thread of choice is just search for Jackman's name using the search function above. Given your joyous tone on the subject, though, is it possible it is in Objects of Desire rather than Actors/Auteurs? This thread isn't covering the sub-forum. [:)]

Captain Black -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (14/8/2009 9:04:27 PM)

There's this, from a while back.

elab49 -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (14/8/2009 9:44:57 PM)

Aah - sorry Anne. I didn't realise you meant the thread you were looking for was from about 2005 [:)]

Anne Hedley -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (15/8/2009 12:01:50 AM)

Hi elab49

Thank you for replying so soon  - yes well it is very easy for me to have a joyous tone regarding Hugh weeeeee  - First time I ever saw him was on the London Stage in Oklahoma playing Curly and he was awesome and such talent Singing, Dancing and hey he's a good actor too.  Mind you when I saw that I had no idea he was manking a name for himself on the Silver Screen. As far as I am aware I have seen all his films and the one thing about him is if the script is not so hot he gets up gets the character and what do you know we have a film wih the critics sayig as in Swordfish  - Hugh Jackman was the only saving grace. But he also made  some excellent films and ha demanding roles and I have NEVER been disappointed in any of his performances

I think I better be careful with any comment I have about Hugh being a object fo desire - hell I dont want to scare him to death and I know he loves a lady older than himself but even me and my wonderful  sense of humour I believe 73 may be a little senior LOL

I will start to find my way around the forum during the next few weeks and will keep and eye open for  you  -thank you for helping me back

Anne Hedley -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (15/8/2009 12:04:13 AM)

Hi Captain

Thank you will try the link although I think there have been changes as I THINK I have tried this and it did not work - but will give it another go and let you know

Thank you for coming back to me I will try to find my round over the weeks and kee[ my eyes open for you

Snake-Eyes -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (22/9/2009 9:39:59 PM)

how on earth can anyone call Danny Dyer an actor?

Anne Hedley -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (22/9/2009 11:45:42 PM)


ORIGINAL: Snake-Eyes

how on earth can anyone call Danny Dyer an actor?

who is Danny Dyer I missed him from somewhere LOL

rourkes drift -> RE: Actors/Auteurs Index Thread (28/9/2009 9:20:56 PM)

Mark Strong is an excellent and very verstaile actor with star turns as Archy in RocknRolla and as Mussawi in Syriana.His forthcoming part in the new Sherlock Holmes movie is another milestone in a career which seems to go from strength to strength.A very underrated actor.

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