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Empire Admin -> Lincoln (27/4/2009 1:22:32 PM)

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Timon -> RE: Spielberg's Lincoln (27/4/2009 2:50:45 PM)

I'm very excited by this. Neeson as Lincoln is inspired although I hear Tom Hanks has always wanted to do it (especially as I believe he's semi related to the famous President). I would have thought Neeson's tragic loss of his wife might have hampered this but it looks like he's already throwing himself back into his work.

I think this is Spielberg's next project after Tintin and I believe he's already lined up Sally Field to play the First Lady but the most interesting rumour I've heard is that he want's Indy himself in the flick.

If Harrison Ford agrees, he'd be playing Vice President Andrew Johnson, the guy who took over the presidency when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Samuelpoet -> RE: Spielberg's Lincoln (28/4/2009 8:30:51 AM)

I think Neeson would be perfect for the role and to hear that Ford may also be cast in this movie, well this just proves to be stella casting. I've waited for this movie for a while now and simply can't wait!!!

grucl -> RE: Spielberg's Lincoln (28/4/2009 12:56:01 PM)

Any word on who will play John Wilkes Booth?

doncopey1 -> RE: Spielberg's Lincoln (30/4/2009 5:20:55 PM)

Finally Ford may be doing a serious film again or a worthy one...its about fucking time.

arastrider -> (9/7/2010 12:20:29 PM)

hmm i heard it's on hold indefinitely, i hope not as i am super excited to see Spielberg at his best, and Leeson is just super casting i can already picture him in the roll

TheGodfather -> RE: (1/8/2010 8:47:03 PM)

Liam Neeson Quits Spielberg's "Lincoln"   Though he's been attached for many years, Liam Neeson has revealed to GMTV via Digital Spy that he's no longer involved in Steven Spielberg's long-gestating "Lincoln" biopic. "I'm not actually playing Lincoln now. I was attached to it for a while, but it's now...I'm past my sell-by date" said Neeson during a talk show interview. The actor is probably referring to age - Neeson is 58 and Lincoln died at 56. The film is also a long way off from production with Tony Kushner's script still undergoing revisions. Spielberg is committed to shooting "War Horse" next.

Timon -> RE: RE: (2/8/2010 9:53:43 AM)

I reckon The Berg will get him back... make-up is a wonderful thing and it's not like Neeson looks his age.

grucl -> RE: RE: (2/8/2010 11:54:22 AM)

With the new performance capture technology Spielberg could render the real Lincoln's face onto an actor (Neeson or someone else).

I hope he doesn't, though...

Pixaroholic -> Neeson? (23/7/2012 10:40:42 AM)

This page may be in need of an update!

TheGodfather -> (14/9/2012 12:18:58 AM)

WOW!!! just saw the trailer premiere in the Google+ Hangout. It trailer looked AMAZING!!! Thought it looked BEAUTIFUL.The text, the voice of Day-Lewis as Lincoln, the music: This is going to be really an epic film with a BRILLIANT (from the look of it) Daniel Day-Lewis

TheGodfather -> RE: Lincoln (14/9/2012 12:45:31 AM)

here it is, the official trailer

Nexus Wookie -> RE: Lincoln (14/9/2012 9:46:34 AM)

This look's like a masterpiece in the making! And Daniel Day Lewis. My god! What an actor! Up there with the greats. He was simply breath-taking in There Will Be Blood and Gangs of New York, you just couldn't keep your eyes off him. And this film look's like it will be the same. Whilst great actor's like De Niro and Al Pacino have simmered down of late, and their recent outputs very poor - Daniel Day Lewis keeps going strong. He's worked with one of the finest directors of the past couple of decades in Scorsese, and I just cannot wait to see what Spielberg does with Lewis' whole cache of acting amunition! [:D]

Cameron1975Williams -> They released this for Thanksgiving in the States... (20/12/2012 11:36:42 AM)

...why not release it for Christmas here?

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