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Empire Admin -> Jonathan Liebesman To Direct Odysseus (27/4/2009 7:11:17 AM)

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jothman -> (27/4/2009 7:11:18 AM)

trot was ok, but would love to see them have another go bet snuder to direct it, call it the illiayd and keeps it closer to the source material (gods and everything), as fot odyssey i hope they dont mess it up..... Maybe christian bale as odyssies could work..... or the blonde guy who dies next to leonidoes in 300

swordsandsandals -> Eurgh (27/4/2009 9:34:48 AM)

Isn't it enough that they have already butchered one classic epic without having to invent their own crap for a cash in?

iTod -> (27/4/2009 10:41:02 AM)

Trot! The Movie - sounds like a winner (no relation to Michael)

llyxja -> (27/4/2009 11:01:52 AM)

James Franco

morrismaciver -> Only One Odysseus (27/4/2009 12:35:37 PM)

It has to be Danny Trejo! About time he was a lead and he's still an extreme bad-ass.

mr chips -> The Right Choice For Odysseus (27/4/2009 3:08:52 PM)

Odysseus leavs for troy when he is in his mid 20's and if he only returns after 20 years or so then he was probably 45 or so. Which rugged, well spoken, intense, world-weary over the age of 40 with the gravitas to play such a heroic, cunning, warrior / semi-pacifist who originally tried to get out of it?

Maybe Aaron eckhart or Thomas Jane?

Personally despite him being older, I would go with Liam Neeson, he ticks all the other boxes, his performance in Kingdom of Heaven highlighted just how well suited he is for such roles. Yes with the right script told from when he is just returnining hence no need for a younger version, he would be perfect!

marleybobmarlon -> (27/4/2009 3:52:34 PM)

Michael Fassbender

Bluehawk -> His brother (27/4/2009 8:25:33 PM)

David Wenham. Because he IS the next Sean Bean.

drake22 -> OH NO (27/4/2009 9:02:05 PM)

What?! This does sound awful! They've just taken the name of a great story, a classic, and invented their own?? Thats really bad! Cant they just give it different names, doesnt sound bad, well, its only bad when it is called the odyssey and essentially rides on a name and reputation.

philomela27 -> (28/4/2009 4:00:37 AM)

Sean Bean! No substitute. The only thing that allowed me to sit through Troy (besides Peter O'Toole's performance and the charming Eric Bana) was imagining the logical sequel, given Sean Bean's surprisingly deft inhabiting of the role.

And he's easy on the eyes, too. All that maundering Homer does about the mighty thews of Odysseus... I could dig it.

moushki -> (18/5/2009 3:05:06 PM)

This isn't an invented plot. Only half of Homer's Odyssey deals with his 'ramblings', the second half deals with him returning to Ithaca where a local rally of men (generally referred to as 'the Suitors' as they are all trying to get Odysseus's wife Penelope to marry them in his absence) have taken over his palace, and basically declared themselves as in charge. I'm assuming this is what the film will concentrate on - but no doubt make them all into beefeaters, when they are in fact just fat odious towns folk.

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