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Empire Admin -> Bioshock (17/4/2009 11:02:42 AM)

Post your comments on this article

bereski -> Is somebody there? (19/2/2010 2:15:55 PM)

Any news?

bereski -> Zack Snyder (27/3/2011 10:49:39 AM)

Zack Snyder is a perfect pick for director's chair. He adore Bioshock, he'll maintain the Bioshock's atmosphere and he definietely would create visually masterpiece. Please Hollywood, think about it in 2014.

LeBronFilms -> Budget? Everything you would need is there! (31/12/2011 10:03:52 PM)

Why does Verbinski fail to see that this IS POSSIBLE. All he has to do is get 2K onboard with this project. They have all the resources needed from what was in the game. If they transfer their data to a digital--effects house, they could enhance it to make a seamless CGI Rapture for combination with studio greenscreen work.

Dark Knighton -> Budget (3/5/2014 7:28:09 PM)

They will need to have a mighty size budget, to even make it worth while. Bioshock is predominately all about the look and feel.

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