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Captain Black -> Harper's Island - US Speed (10/4/2009 12:37:12 PM)

This is a 13-episode limited series that started yesterday in America. The title is the name of a small, idyllic - y'know, aside from the 6 people who were murdered there 7 years ago - fishing island off the coast of Seattle. That's Seattle, British Columbia looking at it. In fact, the point of the show is summed up in the title cards at the start. Those were the first muders comitted on the island, "they will not be the last". So what we have here is a sort of murder/mystery/slasher hybrid with just a dash of gameshow (as in "who'll be killed off this week?") in it - it's most reminiscent of those Kevin William-esque slasher films from the mid-'90s, only with a lot of padding. Which brings us to the cast.

The opening sequence introduces a boat (well, it's more yacht really) load of characters, who are going to the island to celebrate the wedding of Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington. The main character though is Abby Mills, who seems to be an amalgam of a bunch of other actresses but I can't quite think who. Count on them to be the last killed off, but don't worry, once they get to the island, there's another huge array of potential people.

So it's far from great art, and some of the writing is as pedestrian and cliché-ridden as you might fear and great chunks of the dialogue are entirely exposition, but the deaths (I hope it's not a spoiler to use the plural there) are quite imaginitive, and I'm quite interested to see how the whole thing plays out on a week-by-week basis.

Peppermint -> RE: Harper's Island (10/4/2009 1:20:16 PM)

So, it's a twisted version of Fantasy Island? [:D]

The Mighty -> RE: Harper's Island (10/4/2009 5:34:57 PM)

I’ll be watch this for sure. I’m a murder mystery fan, and knowing that everything will get resolved at the end of 13 episodes is a relief. If this works out for CBS, hopefully more networks will be willing to try out shorter seasons of television instead of having everything drag out over 22 episodes. It’s worked well for shows like Lost and Damages, and I actually think that most seasons that took place during the writers’ strike were much better due to the shorter runs. I just hope CBS decides to air all of this, even if the ratings aren’t up to scratch. This is the network that stopped airing Smith after just one episode, so who knows what they’ll decide to do.

I haven't seen the first episode yet, but my guess for the killer is Christopher Gorham.

Captain Black -> RE: Harper's Island (19/4/2009 1:24:21 PM)

Not familiar with that one Pep, but it sure seems that way so far. [:D]

And this is TV junk food, it really is - second ep is more of the same. One thing it could really do with though is a group of wannabe horror guest directors who can mount a decent scare to show their chops. All the misdirection so far has been pedestrian, so it's really relying upon its soap opera backstories to add to the mystery factor, and the aforementioned inventiveness of the deaths.

The show's Wiki page states that BBC3 will be showing this at some point, don't click on it though anyone who's interested, as it gives an account of which characters are no longer with us. 

Olaf -> RE: Harper's Island (23/8/2009 11:33:18 AM)

Christ, the ending was rubbish.

Shifty Bench -> RE: Harper's Island (23/8/2009 4:33:28 PM)



Christ, the ending was rubbish.

Yeah, wasn't the best ending, was it? I almost gave up after episode eleven, the ending of that was hearbreaking and beautiful but it got a bit shite after that in my opinion.

Olaf -> RE: Harper's Island (23/8/2009 6:02:46 PM)

I thought the show itself was alright, nothing special but it started pretty well and I figured that since it had a planned ending, that would be one of its strongest points. Then I saw the ending and asked myself why I wasted my time... good idea definitely, not very well executed unfortunately.

JagLover -> RE: Harper's Island (19/10/2009 9:29:05 AM)

Just finsihed watching this on BBc3

I think the reason why it wasn't a good ending is because they had given no signs during the previous 12 of a number of key elements of the ending.

Spoilers: Where was it even indicated that Henry had romantic feelings for Abbey?, or any signs of jealousy as she picked up with her old boyfriend.

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