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Empire Admin -> The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft (27/3/2009 12:37:16 PM)

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luciadelabyss -> (7/7/2009 9:47:48 AM)

I love the books, so I hope this one is closer to the source material.

Horrorguru -> About Bloody time. (25/9/2009 2:33:28 PM)

H.p. Lovecraft is the godfather of modern horror, he influenced every movie from ALIEN, THE THING, IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS, Writers such as Stephen king, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker. He invented The Necronomicon and Arkham Asylum, it's about time someone gave this modern legend a fitting tribute to his Literature masterpieces. Edgar Allan Poe whom i also admire should also get a Film made about him.

Horrorguru -> A Legend. (25/9/2009 2:37:14 PM)

I also urge fans of LOVECRAFT to cehck out an awesome documentary about him called LOVECRAFT, Fear of the unknown.
I think you can trace most modern horror back to Lovecraft, He died 72 Years ago and his work once thought of as Cultish now has the chance to go Mainstream, it's about Damned time he got the recognition he deserves.

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