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Empire Admin -> Simon Pegg Freezes Over (27/3/2009 11:55:43 AM)

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BudBaxter -> Eh? (27/3/2009 11:55:43 AM)

You don't sign onto an animated feature three months before the release date!

Or is this just a very very late announcement? Don't they record the voices about a year or two before the film comes out so they can match the animation to the voices?

Nicky C -> I was going to say ... (27/3/2009 1:56:54 PM)

... 'What? Why, Pegg, why?', THEN I read the bit about the swash-buckling weasel and I was like 'Nice. Nice'.

I'm not feeling very eloquent today. Soz.

moviemaniac-7 -> I wonder... (27/3/2009 2:13:29 PM)

When will he be announced as Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit movies? Come on, this is a shoe in!

FBIAgentBigJohnson -> I agree with BudBaxter (27/3/2009 3:19:51 PM)

This story makes absolutely no sense considering the imminent release of the film. Unless its one of those Shrek 2 style things when they had British 'celebs' doing voices for the Uk version and US stars in the US version (on which note, Larry King's voice worked far better than Jonathon Ross's for their character). But then again, that isn't very likely either because Simon Pegg is hot like a potato pretty much everywhere right now so he'd prob be a universal casting choice.

I reckon it'll probably only be a 5-10minute role and he probably squeezed it in on his days off from the Star Trek shoot, Hugh Laurie does the same thing all the time during House shoots.

Mmmmmmmm........Star Trek!!!!!!!!!

terriblecnut -> Been doing it on and off... (27/3/2009 4:29:57 PM)

...for a year according to his blog. Just a late announcement.

tango fett -> eh? (27/3/2009 4:32:56 PM)

like many people have already said this is a wierd news thingy. I even saw the new ice age trailer yesturday on the MSN home page and the trailer mad eit clear the simon pegg was in this and showed a lot of his character which means he must've recorded his voice ages ago for the animation to be up to scratch!
perhaps empire forgot to publish this article a month ago? either way my head hurts

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