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Empire Admin -> Crowded Room, The (16/1/2006 4:03:08 PM)

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hayward -> RE: Crowded Room, The (16/1/2006 8:41:03 PM)

well it certainly sounds intriguing. I'd like to hear who'd be playing Billy Milligan, as it would require someone who can pull off split personas. Jim Carrey perhaps?

paulfez -> RE: Crowded Room, The (17/1/2006 10:01:09 AM)

This has been in development for over ten years, with every actor and director being attached to it from James Cameron to David Fincher. Joel Schumacher is currently directing The Number 23, with Jim Carrey & Elizabeth Shue. Which sounds interesting in the same kind of way Phone Booth was. In the film, Carrey plays a man obsessed with an obscure book that he believes is describing his life. The tome, titled 'The Number 23', ends with a murder, so Carrey must solve its puzzle before he himself ends up dead.

The ingenious script, written by Fernley Phillips, is part comedy and part thriller, with the number 23 woven throughout the plot, hence the name.

hayward -> RE: Crowded Room, The (17/1/2006 11:46:32 AM)

you do know i was just making a split-personality reference to 'Me, Myself and Irene'?

paulfez -> RE: Crowded Room, The (17/1/2006 1:36:00 PM)

I was refering to Joel Schumacher, as it was reported elsewhere that this would finally start in march, which is highly unlikely as he is already busy with your friend jim.

Empo -> The crowded room (3/5/2007 3:47:22 PM)

Sounds interesting but a bit too complicated, will have to wait for the trailer to see what it's like

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