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Empire Admin -> Labor Pains (16/3/2009 4:24:39 PM)

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greenpunk -> Not that bad for a comeback (6/7/2009 5:12:43 PM)

Lohan’s comeback isn’t that bad – in fact, Labor Pains is quite good comedy, it’s sometimes charming, sometimes funny.. but overall too predictable. I mean, ok, you can’t expect something new all the time but even if so, there must be at least SOMETHING.
Thea is about to lose her job so she pretends pregnant. Of course, it won’t lead to something good but will change Thea’s life in a good way anyways. Seriously, that kind of story was used too often – and Labor Pains jokes aren’t new in any way too. Characters are quite well written but too simple and none of them is actually real enough.
Acting isn’t impressive as well – it’s ok but as long as Lindsay Lohan is the one to lead here she schould have been at least as interesting as she used to be in Mean Girls for example.

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