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Empire Admin -> Foundation (6/3/2009 4:58:12 AM)

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Overmind -> (6/3/2009 4:58:12 AM)

How Can a man like Roland Emmerich be conected to a project like this?
All the books can be roughly condensed in to one word: Talk.
Some people go from A to B and they talk! And in all the Emmerich movies there is something enormous that blows up. Hes a big budget Uwe Boll!

So my synopsis is this: The second galactic empire are to be established, but along comes the Mule to fuck things up. But our hero saves the day...... by blowing something up..

So please.. No Emmerich.
This has the potential to be the new 2001, Dune and Blade Runner.

Virgon_One -> Please, help us stop terribilistic directors in their tracks! (21/7/2010 6:23:36 AM)

[U]Dear Sci-Fi [I]true[/I] fans[/U],

Even though I am not too well known on these boards, I would like to draw to your attention the following Petition, one which is aimed against Mr. [B]Roland Emmerich[/B]'s "plans" to [U]produce, screenwrite, and direct[/U] the Asimovian space saga '[B]The [I]Foundation[/I] Series[/B]'.
Why? Well, IF you are a [I]true[/I] (I repeat: 'a true'!) Sci-Fi fan, be it "hard" or "soft", you will NOT accept such a proposed [U][I]type[/I] of directing and/or of screenwriting[/U]!.. Remember, for example, '[B][I]Independence Day[/I][/B]'? It [I]too[/I] treated the extraterrestrial issue, but... in a puerile manner, of course, namely with: *American* Military "ingeniousness", guns, "humor", and hot-shot "heroism". :-)
So, please, help us/YOU stop such directors in their tracks by first reading and, second, by counter-signing the below proposed Petition. And, please, be serious in your (e.g., intended) comments. It would be much like a... [U]red flag[/U].


Thank you sincerely and in advance!

[B]The Petitioner(-s)[/B]

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