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Empire Admin -> Martin Lawrence Goes Back To America (18/2/2009 7:53:42 AM)

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Tech_Noir -> RE: Well (18/2/2009 9:07:28 AM)


ORIGINAL: darjeelingmike

This sounds pretty much terrible. When will this man stop making movies?

Actually the premise doesn't sound bad, but I doubt it'll be any good.

I'm guessing it'll be a family-friendly overly produced PG-rated 87 minutes piece of blandness.

darjeelingmike -> RE: Well (18/2/2009 11:18:05 AM)

It does sound like an okay premise yes, but as stated in the article it sounds a lot like the work of Mr Eddie Murphy. Lawrence's output for the last few years has been dire and nothing so far (although yes, early days) make me think this will be any different.

blackduck -> RE: Several Points of Enquiry: (18/2/2009 2:05:58 PM) it doesn't.

He'll even he's not sure if he should be allowed star in it..

BudBaxter -> RE: this is gonna b shite!! (18/2/2009 2:59:32 PM)

Going by the plot described, shouldn't this be called Back to Africa?

oacbbaw -> RE: High vs Low (18/2/2009 4:03:48 PM)

...should be made. To believe in the ghettoisation of supposed 'low' cultural phenomena is a dangerous stance. Let low and high mingle. Let variety rule. Let film be for everyone.

BudBaxter -> RE: High vs Low (18/2/2009 4:07:20 PM)

Are you Martin Lawrence?

oacbbaw -> RE: High vs Low (18/2/2009 4:17:12 PM)

I'm afraid, at least in my mind, that this ceased to be about Martin Lawrence a long time ago. I guess I'm just someone who wants a little more thought applied to the criticism of film. It's too easy to just write 'shite' and walk away. Surely such arbiters of taste and quality are not afraid of a little critical debate?

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