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Empire Admin -> Creek (10/2/2009 4:40:42 PM)

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Timon -> Creek (10/2/2009 4:40:42 PM)

Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Henry Cavil and Michael Fassbender battling evil Nazi occult experiments?!?! Awesome.

Timon -> RE: Town Creek (21/4/2009 10:18:23 AM)

This has been delayed for ages, but apparantly it's getting decent reviews.

Timon -> RE: Town Creek (Blood Creek) (11/5/2010 8:03:48 PM)

I think this is now going straight to video despite the cast, which is a shame.

However the trailer I found online makes it look a .... crap.

Marwood -> RE: Town Creek (Blood Creek) (12/5/2010 11:03:45 AM)

Worth watching for Fassbender but that's about all it's got going for it - Cavil and Purcell vary between dull and asleep and Joel Schumacher directing anything with a fantasy element is nothing to be happy about.

After the dust settled from Batman & Robin he went back to basics with Tigerland, Veronica Guerrin & Phone Booth which harked back to his 90s non-Bat related output - good films like The Client, A Time To Kill & Falling Down. Then he went for Phantom of The Opera and undid that good work again; stick to meaty dramas Joel.

Timon -> RE: Town Creek (Blood Creek) (22/1/2012 10:42:30 AM)

Currently watching it at the moment. It has zombie horses!


This film seems to have bypassed the cinema and been totally overlooked by the main stream film press – and it’s directed by the notorious Batman and Robin impresario as well. But as horror films go – it ain’t half bad, assuming you go along with the slightly ludicrous plot. Fassbender makes for a supremely creepy villain and when his turbo charged Nazi vampire demon freak finally makes his appearance, the whole film ratchets up a few notches. Dominic Purcell seemed to be playing exactly the same sort of character he played in Prison Break and Henry Cavill has got his action man persona perfectly honed for the forthcoming heroics in Man of Steel. Turn your brain off and you’ll probably enjoy this, the gore and violence seem to a carry a real visceral punch, unlike the toned down teen friendly niceties of – say - Supernatural – or Buffy.

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