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Empire Admin -> Enemy at the Gates (12/1/2006 7:20:14 PM)

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banf -> Enemy at the gates (12/1/2006 7:20:24 PM)

I think this film is excellent
Thats all il say

jolly_ramon -> RE: Enemy at the gates (13/1/2006 7:01:20 PM)

The opening aattack across the river is superb, something that can be recreated on Call of Duty
But overall it was a let down as a war movie with the romantic subplot and unlikeable characters.

SPOILER below possibly

And all through it I wanted the Major (Ed Harris) to put a bullet through Jude Laws head, he was a far more interesting character.

BarryNorman -> public enemy (22/7/2006 12:42:40 AM)

I was disappoited with this film. Too many 'convenient' moments and the battle between harris and law just gets a bit boring. More should have been made of the bigger picture

Y2Neildotcom -> RE: Enemy at the Gates (13/2/2008 11:20:12 AM)

So I watched this film last night, because I've been playing a LOT of Call of Duty 4 and hanging about with a guy who loves war movies.

I thought it was ok, but I had some problems...

- Why did they hire British actors (other than star value) to play Russians and then put no attempt at an accent on at all? (other than Bob Hoskins)
- Why, when they make love, did they not go find somewhere secluded? And why did they look so petrified? Who cares if they got caught, was it against the law for a soldier to make love to a woman?

I did enjoy it however and I can understand reasons they don't subtitle things (like in Lost, Jin and Sun speak in their native dialect that gets subtitled yet Sayid speaks English), it makes it more acceptable to wider audiences, but I just didn't understand the casting.

Now...back to more CoD4...

DanCurley -> RE: Enemy at the Gates (13/2/2008 11:30:31 AM)

I'd have prefered it if they've had made some effort to at least sound Russian, it totally shattered the suspension of disbelief having them speak in English accents...

... and as all of us Call of Duty players know - that first kill mid-jump headshot with no warning of the jump, no man alive or dead can do that...

Super Hans -> RE: Enemy at the Gates (13/2/2008 1:36:43 PM)



I'd have prefered it if they've had made some effort to at least sound Russian, it totally shattered the suspension of disbelief having them speak in English accents...

... and as all of us Call of Duty players know - that first kill mid-jump headshot with no warning of the jump, no man alive or dead can do that...

That is pretty much the main reason for me really not liking the film.  I thought it was OK when I saw it at the cinema but couldn't sit through it on DVD, it irritated me too much.  I just couldn't take it seriously with Jude Law and co playing Russians yet speaking perfectly clear English in a perfect English accent.  I seem to remember Joseph Fiennes making a miniscule effort but it was all a bit half arsed.

It all looked very good though. 

LukeVlad -> Absolutely brilliant! (30/7/2008 12:09:41 AM)

This is such a good film! The amount of work that Jean-Jacques Annaud put into making this film a truly magnificent and realistic expeience! This film is not about the fighting, it is clearly about the thoughts of the Soviets and Nazis in World War 2. I can't think of one
bad thing about this film. Although this is set on the Soviet side it doesn't actually make them good... For example: When the Russians have to cross the Volga River there is a Ju 87 Stuka attack on the barges crossing. Some Russians try to escape the barge but they are shot down by their fellow Comrades. Another example is when the Russians are trying to retreat the Russians that are recruited just to make sure no men retreat gun down the retreating Russians. There are also many many more examples.

Some of the best bits are where the supsense is built up and you are just waiting for a charater to make their move. During the film you build up a relationship with the main characters like Vassily Zaitsev, Tania Cernova, Sacha Filipov and many more. And even towards the end you build up a relationship with the enemy German sniper Major Konig because of a story he tells...

So in my opinion this is a brilliant Phsycological war film based on the Invasion of Stalingrad.

ARmy2510 -> Good but not great. (4/4/2009 11:11:03 PM)

Good large-battle opening is going to small-size story about two snipers battle. I think the triagle-circle-of-love is unnecessary part of the movie in my opinion. Summary - not great at I expected. A little boring with banal dialogues but good package of suspens make it thrilling.

david hayes -> All you haters (12/5/2011 12:41:29 AM)

and if they had faked russian accents you would have slated it even more. great film. better than Saving Private Ryan

Phubbs -> RE: All you haters (21/3/2013 8:47:50 PM)

Enemy at the Gates (2001)

I was unaware that this film was based loosely on real soldiers, I had an idea it was close to reality but didn't realise the main characters were real, well Law's character. The film is woven into the intense Battle of Stalingrad and is solely about the duel between one Russian sniper and one German sniper.

I think this films suffers in the same way as some other historic films in the way they add a mushy love story. I can understand why they do this but it really does drag the main premise of the plot down, especially here. The setup is perfect for a real tense nail biter, the setting is a war torn Stalingrad and the effects/location teams have really done their homework here. Creeping in n out of bombed out buildings, masses of rubble, skeletons of buildings adorn the landscapes, bodies strewn around, the whole city is a shell of a former existence, a former life.

Into this land of ruin we have Jude Law as real Russian sniper Vassili Zaitsev who is pitted against German sniper (supposedly real) Major Erwin König. When you see either character on screen and lurking about it gets your heart racing, you wanna see what will happen, who will pick off who, predictably we know of course but the atmosphere is cracking. But my previous point, against this we have a droopy love tale which merely offers up sappy forced emotions to try and engage you further. Unfortunately all it does is kinda annoy you because you wanna see sniping action.

Being a film based on sniping and realism don't expect this to be chock full of explosions and mass action. What action there is is naturally slow but nicely nerve racking, well reasonably. It is a bit hokey because we all know damn well the main two won't possibly die until the end yet anyone else is fair game haha sniper fodder.

The film captures the propaganda of the time well, the way the Soviets made Zaitsev a national hero and tried to scare the Germans. Vice versa with the imposing threat of the older German marksman brought in to defeat the Soviet. All roles are played well in the visual sense, what I mean is all the cast look like they belong in this era, especially the drawn gaunt looking Harris. The only issue I had was the fact no one really tried for authentic accents bar Hoskins (looking like an angry Russian Hobbit). Law still has his cockney accent, Fiennes sounds English as does Weisz and Hoskins has a muddled cockney/Russian thing going on...but at least he tries.

I didn't really agree with one action that the director makes Harris's character (König) carry out in the film, a grim scene involving a young boy he trusts. Unsure how accurate that is suppose to be, I dare say its completely crap, they shouldn't really add things like that unless its accurate.

A well paced film that does show the realities of war to a degree if somewhat glorifying or romanticising it a touch. The Russians tend to drink and be generally rowdy when not fighting which doesn't seem too right. Not as epic as the films poster designs make out but still a decent war film focusing on a very good tale. The silent stern cold ruthlessness of Harris as the German sniper stands out for me here, but you still feel for him at the end. After all its war and every man simply does what he needs to do to survive.

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