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Empire Admin -> New G.I. Joe Posters Hit The Net (28/1/2009 11:18:22 AM)

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umer_ejaz -> Not bad, but........... (28/1/2009 11:18:22 AM)

where are there faces? It's great to look at these posters but surely they could have given us a glimpse of their faces rather than showing what guns there carrying.

Manfrendshensindshen -> (28/1/2009 11:48:19 AM)

Where did Sienna get those knockers from? They're most certainly not hers...

supermaddy -> (28/1/2009 12:55:41 PM)

Expectation levels for a good movie? Low. Fun movie? High, and not because of how good it is...

ghulley -> (28/1/2009 1:11:49 PM)

Reminds me of the Matrix Reloaded Teaser posters. Look how that turned out.

Ethanial -> I know nothing about this stuff (28/1/2009 5:40:22 PM)

and knowing is half the battle.
(Or all of it in the case of the forthcoming Proyas Cage flick)

swan -> (28/1/2009 9:10:24 PM)

anyone else concerned about the bad cropping of these posters.....

Big Red -> (28/1/2009 10:54:42 PM)

Oh it's altogether too cool for me!

boredbluekoala -> I BET IT'S GONNA BE HUGE...... (28/1/2009 11:25:47 PM)

Wolverine on the other hand, not so much.

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