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Empire Admin -> Joe Carnahan To Direct A-Team (28/1/2009 9:49:59 AM)

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Andy9063 -> The A Team (28/1/2009 9:49:59 AM)

Used to watch the A Team as a kid and liked it, but always thought that with all the bullets flying around there never seemed to be anybody killed or any blood spilled. Suppose they didn't want to put you off your tea. Can't really see how this series could work as a movie other than straight to DVD.

Nicky C -> COOL! (28/1/2009 9:53:21 AM)

I like Carnahan a lot! Smoking Aces was, shall we say, patchy but very slick. Narc is one of my favourite films and it's really edgy. If Carnahan makes A-Team somewhere inbetween the two this could be something really special.

But who could possibly take on these roles?

jjskyner -> Avid Merrion to direct? (28/1/2009 9:58:36 AM)

Is that Avrid Merrion i see in the top left hand coner??

mlavagna -> They've got it all wrong (28/1/2009 10:05:51 AM)

This could turn out to be good but it won't feel like or bare any relation to the original tv series. This movie will be the A - Team by name only. It'll have none of the original actors for a start and that's the very reason why the A - Team was so popular. It was those characters. More specifically it was how the actors played those characters. You just can't replicate that. I realise they're not really trying to. They're taking the central idea and are putting a new spin on it, but do people really want a new spin on it? New actors? A different time period? Plus the director says they're not going to be "cheesing it up". Sometimes cheesy is good and the original series was incredibly "cheesy". It was totally unrealistic, it was goofy, it was innocent but that was part of its charm. That was the feel of the show. It was never really meant to be taken seriously in the first place!

If I were the writer/director I'd intentionally make it cheesy. I'd turn it into an action comedy. I'd include the ridiculous shootouts, the silly punch ups, the slow mo jumps in front of camera, the unbelievable escape plan where they build something incredible out of absolutely nothing, the famous theme tune. I'd also set the movie in the 80s just as th series was firstly to make the movie more representative of the show and secondly because of the nostalgia value that people tend to warm to.

As I said, thgis may turn out to be a good movie but not for the right reasons.

wordymonkey -> Casting (28/1/2009 10:06:28 AM)

How about George Clooney, Ray Liotta or Jeremy Pivwen for Hannibal? The Rock, Vin Diesel or Ving Rhames for B A? Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, Seth Rogen for Murdock? James Franco, Ryan Reynolds or Taye Diggs as Face? The possibilities are endless!

mlavagna -> RE: Casting (28/1/2009 10:13:04 AM)

I think the A Team should be braught back in game form rather than a movie similar to what they're doing with Ghostbusters.  It could work great as a game and the developers could recreate the look of the original characters like they have with Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray etc.  I'd much rather have a game based on the original tv series than a film which doesn't bare any resemblance to it whatsoever.

XVII -> Trash (28/1/2009 11:13:04 AM)

Lets face it - it's not going to be any good even with the cameo's from the original cast, which I'm sure will crop up. Leave the A-Team to our priceless childhood memories

gambit21 -> Casting??? (28/1/2009 11:35:51 AM)

Can we have a blog on the cast please, I'm sure it would develop into something wonderful. Personally I would go Robert Downey Jr as Hannibal, Ryan Reynolds as Face, Simon Pegg as Murdoch and Cuba Gooding Jnr as BA

AboyNamedSue -> Awesome! (28/1/2009 11:40:07 AM)

Carnahan is a fan-fucking-tastic director and perfect for this. Ryan Reynolds as Face and Rampage Jackson as BA.

vineethchacko -> RE: Awesome! (28/1/2009 12:05:55 PM)

I hope this is finally coming together. This is one of those concepts that, if written well, is perfect fodder to make a great fun film.

His Dudeness -> (28/1/2009 12:09:38 PM)

Nice to see Hollywood is still teeming with fresh and innovative "ideas", although I would love to see a good A-Team flick. Unfortunatly I really think it won't be anywhere as good as everyone is imagining in their minds.

samthemanokayman -> dennis cutty wise!!!! (28/1/2009 12:30:53 PM)

The guy who plays dennies "cutty" wise in the wire has got to play ba baracus!

Letattz -> BA BARACUS (28/1/2009 12:37:10 PM)

Come on people. There is ONLY one man for the job

Robert Downey Jnr

Mc Bovril -> RE: BA BARACUS (28/1/2009 12:47:06 PM)

How about Robert Downey Jr playing Kirk Lazarus playing B.A

norman365 -> KEEP MR.T IN! (28/1/2009 12:50:08 PM)

he IS BA and it would just feel wrong, let alone unimaginable, as anybody else above all the other membersplus I'm sure he would still be up to the job.

pray it's good but it the comment about making a film that reflects on the real world sounds like a mistake; the spirit of the show has always been escapist cheese, no one ever died for christ's sake!

BA aside the one definite replacement should be Jim Carrey taking over the Murdock mantle as his comic timing ,expressions and gestures (let alone likeness) are so similar to the original guy (sorry his name slips my mind at the minute) and IMO the only natural heir to the manic pilot.

luket49 -> RE: Casting (28/1/2009 12:50:34 PM)

Aaron Eckhart for Face. enough said

montimer -> Given that Ridley and Tony Scott are producing (28/1/2009 1:19:05 PM)

I'd take a guess that we may well be seeing Russel Crowe as Hannibal and Leonardo Di Caprio as Face.

LBBT -> JIM (28/1/2009 1:44:52 PM)

Jim Carrey as murdoch, would be much better.
Ryan Reynolds as Face, oke
Jon Voight as Hannibal
Ving Rhames as BA

That would be so awsome

grucl -> RE: JIM (28/1/2009 1:51:45 PM)

Am I the only one who found the TV series a bit boring?

samthemanokayman -> dennis cutty wise!!!! (28/1/2009 1:58:21 PM)

The guy who plays dennies "cutty" wise in the wire has got to play ba baracus!

Andybee76 -> Oh yeaah!!! (28/1/2009 2:39:05 PM)

Come on man, Jonny Lee Miller as Face, Carrey as Murdoch, Rhames or Michael Clarke Duncan as BA, HArrison Ford as Hannibal and token female could be January Jones!!! Mind you this being Carnahan he will probably get Ray Liotta in it somewhere so maybe he would be Hannibal!!! Maybe Chris Cooper could be Colonel Lynch!!! This is proper exciting news anyway!!!

Andybee76 -> Or (28/1/2009 2:42:04 PM)

Maybe Sean William Scott as Murdoch???

Taz69 -> Duh duh duh duhduh duh (28/1/2009 3:28:35 PM)

I thought this would never come to be, I hoped it wouldn't come to be as it was unbelivably cheesy. Fun but sometimes embarassing and usually very corny. I would also love to see Downey Jr. as Mr T but if this film wants to take itself seriously (well to a degree anyway) how about Micheal Clarke Duncan as Mr.T, Hugh Jackman or Josh Holloway as Face, Hugh or Jim Carrey as Murdock, and De Niro or Pacino as Hannibal (or Arnie as he's already got the cigar smaking thing going)

horny -> (28/1/2009 4:50:32 PM)

Come on it has to be Clooney as Hanibal, Pitt as Face, Carrey as Murdoch and just get some big ass freak from the WWE as B.A cos lets be honest Mr T was only there for the muscle.

Agent Johnson -> exelen, but (28/1/2009 4:57:01 PM)

Does anyone else ever wonder why the MP: snever could find them, but that corn grower in Iowa who had problems with the evil ranch owner seamed to find them without any problems ?

darraghlucey -> Hannibal? Three words (28/1/2009 6:15:52 PM)

Billy. Bob. Thornton. Look at the opening credits and imagine someone that could fill that alligator suit. Other cast members, Vic Mackey's right hand man from the shield as murdoch, Ice Cube as BA, and as already mentioned Ryan Reynolds as Face.

Chris Hart -> Hmmmm.... (28/1/2009 7:17:41 PM)

Clooney as Hannibal, Ice Cube/Ving Rhames as BA, Carrey as Murdoch and Hugh Jackman as Face. Billy Bob Thornton would make a great Colonel Decker I think as the hard-ass military colonel who never quite manages to catch the A-Team.

John Firth -> RE: JIM (28/1/2009 8:12:43 PM)



Am I the only one who found the TV series a bit boring?

I loved it as a kid. I watched some again a couple of years ago, however, and I wish I hadn't. It soured my memory of it somewhat. Some things are best left as memories.

epeemaster -> Oh, Yeah! (28/1/2009 8:54:09 PM)

You don't want an Ocean's Enselmble again. I reckon that you would need to have Michael Clarke-Duncan for BA (mind you, I don' t know if he has the attitude), Pierce Brosnan would be a good Face (or Uncle Val Kilmer) , Jim Carrey for Murdoch (definitely!!!!!!!), Hannibal is a tough one. I reckon Clooney is too cheesy, but Bruce Willis could be good, or maybe James Woods.

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