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Bookworms Index: Last Updated - 15th February 2010

Any comments, suggestions or amendments will be welcomed [:D]

Fiction (Authors A-Z):

- Sweeney Todd

Abercrombie, Joe
- The First Law Trilogy

Armstrong, Kelley

Asimov, Isaac

Austen, Jane

Austen, Jane & Grahame-Smith, Seth
- Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

Auster, Paul

Ballard, J.G
- Crash

Banks, Iain (M)

Barker, Clive
- Coldheart Canyon

Bateman, Colin

Roberto Bolano

Bradbury, Ray
- Fahrenheit 451

Bronte, Emily
- Wuthering Hights

Brookmyre, Christopher

Brown, Dan

Butcher, Jim
- The Dresden Files

Campbell, Joseph

Camus, Albert
- The Outsider

Canavan, Trudi

Carver, Raymond

Chadbourn, Mark

Child, Lee

Christie, Agatha

Clarke, Susanna
- Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Conan-Doyle, Arthur
- Sherlock Holmes

Coupland, Douglas

Dahl, Roald

Dick, Philip K.

Dickens, Charles
- Bleak House

'Doctor Who' Novels

Donaldson, Stephen
- The Gap Sequence

Ellis, Bret Easton

Fleming, Ian

Garland, Alex
- The Beach

Gaiman, Neil

Garner, Alan

Gemmell, David

Grisham, John

Haddon, Mark
- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Hall, Steven
- The Raw Shark Texts

Hamilton, Laurell K.

Hamilton, Peter F.
- The Nights Dawn Trilogy

Harris, Robert

Hearn, Lian
- Tales of the Otori

Heinlein, Robert A.
- Starship Troopers

Heller, Joseph
- Catch-22

Hunt, Stephen
- The Kingdom Beyond the Waves

Joyce, James

King, Stephen
- The Dark Tower
- Cujo

Kostova, Elizabeth
- The Historian

Lehane, Dennis

Lethem, Jonathan
- Fortress of Solitude

Lindqvist, John Ajvide
- Let The Right One In

Lynch, Scott
The Lies of Locke Lamora

Marshall (Smith), Michael

Martel, Yann
- Life of Pi

Martin, George, R.R
- A Song of Ice and Fire

McCarthy, Cormac
- The Road
- No Country For Old Men
- Blood Meridian

McNab, Andy

Meyer, Stephenie

Millington, Mil
- A Certain Chemistry

Murakami, Haruki

Nabokov, Vladimir
- Lolita

Niffenegger, Audrey
- The Time Traveller's Wife

Nix, Garth

Orwell, George

Palahniuk, Chuck

Paolini, Christopher
- Eragon

Pearce, David
- Red Riding Series

Pratchett, Terry

Pressfield, Steven
- Gates of Fire

Priest, Christopher

Pullman, Philip
- His Dark Materials

Pynchon, Thomas
- Inherent Vice

Rankin, Robert

Reilly, Matthew

Reynolds, Alastair

Rowling, J.K
- Harry Potter
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
- The Tales of Beedle the Bard
- Deathly Hallows: One Year On

Rushdie, Salman
- The Satanic Verses

Salinger, J.D
- The Catcher In The Rye

Shakespeare, William

Simon, David
- Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets

Stoker, Bram
- Dracula

Stoker, Dacre
- Dracula: The Un-Dead

Swift, Jonathan
- Gulliver's Travels

Tartt, Donna
- The Secret History

Tolkien, J.R.R
- The Lord of the Rings

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich
- War and Peace

Vonnegut, Kurt
- Slaughterhouse 5

Welsh, Irvine
- Trainspotting

Winslow, Don

'The Wire' Writers

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz
- The Shadow of the Wind

- The Three Investigators Series
- Horus Heresy


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- Sports Books
- Letter Collections

- Evolution: The Greatest Shown On Earth
- The Stanley Kubrick Archives
- The Manga Bible
- 'The Godfather' Family Album


- Nikki Sixx: The Heroin Diaries
- My Boring Ass Life: The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith

- Biography Recommendations


- Poetry I
- Poetry II
- Poetry III

- The Poet Laureate

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jonson -> RE: Bookworms Index (20/1/2009 1:35:08 PM)

Good work LastMemories, nice to see someone using their spare time so well! [:D]

Peppermint -> RE: Bookworms Index (20/1/2009 2:45:36 PM)

Would you like me to stick this at the top of the page? [:)]

LastMemories -> RE: Bookworms Index (20/1/2009 2:59:27 PM)


ORIGINAL: Peppermint

Would you like me to stick this at the top of the page? [:)]

Who wouldn't! [:D]

It would be great if you can Peppermint, after all it was my intention to recreate the Small Screen Index for us book fans!

It could even become the new centre point of the Bookworms section.

All I need now in the Empire Book Club's approval [:)]

Kilo_T_Mortal -> RE: Bookworms Index (13/2/2009 11:47:49 AM)

Abercrombie, Joe
- The Lies of Locke Lamora
- The First Law Trilogy

Who wrote The Lies of Locke Lamora?

Otherwise well done.

LastMemories -> RE: Bookworms Index (13/2/2009 2:19:09 PM)

My mistake.

It is of course Scott Lynch, something I should have gotten right considering it's on my bookshelf. [&:]

Thanks for the heads-up Kilo.

More updates should occur in the not to distant future.

Krazy_Beyootiful -> RE: Bookworms Index (5/3/2009 12:56:22 PM)

Awesome work! [:)]

general_potatoface -> RE: Bookworms Index (4/1/2010 8:31:59 PM)

Is there no Diana Wynne Jones discussion?

elab49 -> RE: Bookworms Index (4/1/2010 8:53:58 PM)

I don't think there is a specific one, although I'm pretty sure she has come up in other discussions - perhaps the Fantasy threads.

PaulW395 -> RE: Bookworms Index (6/12/2010 2:16:31 AM)

Hi All, as a first post here can I suggest Ross Thomas be added to the author list?

elab49 -> RE: Bookworms Index (6/12/2010 10:35:59 AM)

Hi Paul

If you check the top post, this is a thread index, not a list. And no-one's been interested enough to talk about Ross Thomas. And, of course, we don't allow advertising. [:)]

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