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Empire Admin -> Four Hobbits Back For The Hobbit? (19/1/2009 5:58:03 PM)

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Leightwinst -> Huh? (19/1/2009 5:58:03 PM)

Now don't get me wrong, I love The Hobbit and love the film adaptations, but a 'prequel' showing the four Hobbits growing up in the shire leading upto the events of The Lord Of The Rings doesn't bode well, whatever the ideas of the crew behind The Hobbit. If this is indeed going to be the book and then some stretched over two films, it's going to be a ballsy approach to not end on the events of the book.

Acho -> RE: Four Hobbits Back For The Hobbit? (19/1/2009 6:38:05 PM)

It all sounds a bit vague at the moment. I'm not sure if it's the best idea in the world. I wouldn't like to think that they'd just shoe-horn in some familiar characters from the LOTR trilogy to keep fans happy, or to maintain a continuity. With the same WETA team looking after The Hobbit, there shouldn't be a problem in ensuring that a familiar look and feel is maintained across all five films.

Scabby -> RE: Four Hobbits Back For The Hobbit? (19/1/2009 6:45:10 PM)

I imagine they may pop up at the end in an epilogue type thing to show the passage of time which would probably then lead to the next film. That's fine in my opinion and would work well as they obviously want to leave the end of The Hobbit open ended for the sequel: Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo.

nclowe -> (19/1/2009 6:50:03 PM)

No No No No No No No No No. There is no way they should be in the Hobbit unless the film starts with Sam telling his kiddies about Bilbo's adventures and the whole thing is just one flash back....but then you get into Princess Bride territory and it could seem a little corny. As for The Hobbit 2....NO!!!! Leave it you money grabbers. Unless The Hobbit is being broken into two films then there is no need to invent something to sandwich between The Hobbit and LOTR. We already know what happens to the says at the beginning of FOTR.

coolasice2001uk -> (19/1/2009 7:04:01 PM)

You people on here asume to much, the bloody script hasnt even been finished yet and already the moaning has started. Nobody knows how or what will be involved plotwise in the second film so for now please keep your negative thoughts to yourselfs.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: (19/1/2009 7:04:03 PM)

I'm not against a bridge film as long as it can be justified. At first I thought it would be the story of where Gandalf went during the events of the Hobbit, maybe tied in with Aragons story (for which there is material to use as a jumping off point)

However I don't see the value of visiting Hobbiton in that film. Nothing happens, maybe Frodos parents deaths but I don't think you can hinge a whole film around that.

I would much prefer Aragons story, his journeys in Rohan and meeting with Gandalf. At least there you have action and a bigger story to tell.

Under no circumstances should the four Hobbits meet Strider or any of the other characters. I will wait and see what they come up with. I trust Del Toro and Jackson not to screw this up.

keatsmeister -> RE: RE: (19/1/2009 7:44:43 PM)

Could even be a brief pause, cutting to Galadriel looking at events past, present and future in her mirror. As cameos go, it wouldn't be stretching too far and let's face it, if Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin are seen in either movie, a cameo will be all we see of them.

captainamazing -> (19/1/2009 7:55:14 PM)

Scabby, I'd watch Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo...

muchobenny -> (19/1/2009 9:02:16 PM)

I'm more interested in what Smaug is going to look like... let's see some concept artwork!

BrianShields25 -> RE: Four Hobbits Back For The Hobbit? (19/1/2009 9:06:46 PM)

Hopefully they just let WETA go nuts on the makeup and let the 4 of them be some of the dwarves. That'd be totally fine in my book and would actually be pretty cool to keep the cast together

AstridOlga -> Stay true to the story (19/1/2009 10:16:48 PM)

Not a very good idea. The LOTR-trilogy was brilliant, one of the reasons being that it stayed true to the story only changing what was necessary. To completely create a new story to bring back the four hobbits is a different thing entirely, and would ruin the magic of the trilogy.

Pipkin3 -> Adventures (19/1/2009 11:00:51 PM)

Surely the 4 hobbits wouldn't be involved in an "adventure" story, as I thought part of the drama of the book/film of LOTR was that these four had never been outside the shire before, or faced such evil. So will the new one be based entirely in the Shire?

Oli Monkey -> But more importanly... (20/1/2009 12:20:05 AM)

What's the better made up language, Elvish or Klingon?

Jayseph -> Really? (20/1/2009 10:03:27 AM)

As much as I'd love to see the cracking cast reunited I really can't see how they can make this work. It reeks of arrogance to assume that you can 'fill in the blanks' in Tolkien's works so the 2nd Hobbit movie has always had me concerned. Don't ge t me wrong - I adored the LotR movies and very excited to see what Del Toro can do but I don't want them making up whole storylines.

vivlitherland -> (20/1/2009 10:08:00 AM)

what are they doing? I'm like one of the biggest lotr fans,but this makes no sense.
however, I am still looking forward and keeping an open mind for these films as they are in good hands.

Workshed -> RE: (20/1/2009 10:29:24 AM)

They might need to use Finchers de-ageing CG technique.

shool -> RE: RE: (20/1/2009 2:20:39 PM)

That interview sounds to me like he just really wants to be in it and is asking the writers to shoe horn him in.

we'll see.

Vito_Andolini -> RE: RE: (20/1/2009 2:57:39 PM)

If they're really desperate to add on a story to increase it's epicness, why not do a Sauron origin story?  Start off with The Silmarillion or at least the War of Wrath, give Melkor/Morgoth a fair bit of screen time which I'd die to see, and then the rise of Sauron. 

You could have Balrogs on the back of dragons, battles to beat Helm's Deep, the lot!  That's a story worth showing and is from Tolkien himself, not some kind of filler created by Del Toro, as much as I respect him.

never -> RE: RE: (20/1/2009 3:38:19 PM)

To be honest, I can't see the 4 hobbits storyline coming to anything in any case.  The Tolkein estate tend to be pretty protective of the LOTR mythology.  Ok the console & MMORPG games take some liberties (to enhance gameplay) but I couldn't see them stretching to storylines outside of  theMiddle Earth mythology.

I like the ideas around the War of the Ring etc as these remain within the spirit of Tolkein, add to the mythology leading upto The Hobbiut & LOTR & are really epic in their own right.

KeithM -> RE: RE: (20/1/2009 6:16:39 PM)

Salt.  Pinch.  Large.

Perhaps for some prologue at the end of the bridge movie, but they've already said they have plenty of material in Tolkien's official works to base the 'bridge' film on.  The Hobbit (part 1) will almost certainly be a more or less straight up adaptation of the book.

dr. salvador -> RE: RE: (20/1/2009 7:52:58 PM)



That interview sounds to me like he just really wants to be in it and is asking the writers to shoe horn him in.

it does a bit doesn't it?

if they do the job well though it's not such a bad thing i suppose

slimmy -> Please god shoot me now. (21/1/2009 12:59:40 AM)

WTF! Why the hell would the 4 hobbits be in this movie or the sequel? They would have to be lil kids and not do very much or leave the shire, and that would make a shitty film. My guess is that the second film might have something to do with Dol Gildor, but if its set after the events of the Hobbit, that shouldnt be the case. They shold just make the hobbit into 2 films so everything can be fitted in, instead of missing stuff like the Barrow Wights from Fellowship and Tom Bombadill, and other stuff from the books. But a new story could be intersting if done well. rant over

Pallando -> (26/1/2009 12:53:22 PM)

What would be good is if the Elijah, Billy, Dom and Sam were in The Hobbit but not as Hobbits but as dwarves. Part of Thorin's party.

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