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Spaldron -> RE: New Judge Dredd film greenlit (11/1/2012 6:46:47 PM)


ORIGINAL: sauchieboy


Spaldron: I'm very good with my words on here... '

That's a clever sentence. Its form negates its stated meaning. Are you a fan of Jacques Derrida, Spaldron?

It was ironic. Duh.

ORIGINAL: elab49

But you are repeatedly making personal comments on the poster which is as much a derailment as anything.

No I'm not.


Spaldron's fulminating ripostes to Scott's malarkey are just as entertaining and, however annoying others find me or them, as long as we keep (both) Dredd threads at the top of the forum and in people's thoughts that's a good thing for the film.

Who is Scott?

Anyway's the block function will be rightly enabled from now on as I can't put up with this trolling bs anymore. Or maybe I'll start my own Dredd thread?

furrybastard -> RE: New Judge Dredd film greenlit (11/1/2012 8:08:20 PM)

Looking forward to this. Really like the talent involved (though I'm not overly fussed about Urban but he's a hell of a lot better than 'the other one')

The little I've read about the film sounds like it's going to look pretty special. Fantastic cinematographer. Not generally a fan of 3D (in fact, I'm hoping there's a 2D version so I can avoid it altogether) but hopefully the first film will establish the tone and character well enough that it can get bigger, more expansive sequels!

dreddhead123 -> RE: New Judge Dredd film greenlit (11/1/2012 10:19:07 PM)


Who is Scott?

He is the patron saint of internet annoyance. But I don't think he posts anymore.

I'm afraid to say Alex Garland and the DNA folks may have chosen the wrong year to release Dredd. John Wagner's Day of Chaos in 2000AD is turning out to be a classic and I think Dredd taking on Ma Ma's gang in Peach Trees block may seem a bit low-key by comparison!

It looks as if MC-1 is in for some major trouble next week (MC-1 timeline week, not our 'real' next week).

dreddhead123 -> RE: Dredd (2012): Rights? Sure- I'm all for them (11/1/2012 10:53:05 PM)

sauchieboy said


America's the best Dredd story ever published.

Oh and here's a spooky coincidence...



Writer John Wagner (co-creator of Dredd) has said that America is his favourite Judge Dredd story

It's amazing they both love the same story. [:D] Gosh, so many Dredd stories to choose from but they pick the same one. I'm sure Sauchieboy will tell us he's glad Strontium Dog is back in 2000AD and that it was a mistake to have killed him off.

Hee hee. [:D]

sauchieboy -> Dredd (2012): Boom, Boom, Mr Derek Sir (12/1/2012 10:09:55 AM)



Marwood: 'Boom! This is having quite a period of post isn't it? Any hints about when we'll see a trailer anyone?'
Timon: 'I know someone who is working on the Dredd FX and they told me some of the stuff they've been working on ... and it's pretty graphic.'

Boom(!), Marwood. No-one seems to know whether Garland and Co are still beavering away on their Quantel effects box (i), or if the finished film's gathering dust in a cupboard, waiting for Christian Bale and Martin Freeman to exit the stage. Maybe Timon's pal can give him an idea whether DNA are still sending him stuff to work on or not. Boom! (ii)

(i) This month's Empire suggests they're still working on the effects (in passing).

(ii) I'm going to start and finish all my posts like that from now on. This must be what it feels like to be Westwood.

sauchieboy -> Dredd (2012): J For Judgment (12/1/2012 10:12:33 AM)


The closest Anal Moore got to Judge Dredd was being slated to write the first Dredd/Batman book, but he knows the power of a main character who never shows his face. Here he is on last night's news, discovering how even an indifferent film adaptation of your work can change the world:

Come September, do you think the riot cops outside St Paul's will take to wearing Dredd replica helmets in a detached, ironic way? The Polis are famous for their wry self-deprecation, after all.

shool -> RE: Dredd (2012): J For Judgment (12/1/2012 1:02:54 PM)

Continue in the site thread.�

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